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  1. Bonehead


    Did anyone else see the Spacex satellite group pass overhead this past Tuesday evening ? Just after dark my wife and I were outside with the chimnea (fire) and saw a string of 10 lights pass from the northwest to the southeast. They were all in a neat row with different spacing between each one...
  2. Bonehead

    Cat whiskers

    Anyone ever have a cats discarded whisker embed itself in your foot ? Sounds crazy but I had one penetrate my instep about an inch deep.
  3. Bonehead

    Anyone own/use a mosquito trap in the area ?

    Looking for information on an effective mosquito trap for at least an acre. I have researched the net but none of the commercial types receive consistent good ratings. What are you using ?
  4. Bonehead

    Lunch in Leonartown where NOT to go.

    My wife and I had lunch at the new Speakeasy place that replaced the Brewing Grounds. Way expensive (24$ for a sandwich and a flat bread, coffee and a bottle of luke warm water) The food was mediocre at best. What a shame. Never again.
  5. Bonehead

    I have a question.

    Yesterday I was on Route 5 going north approaching Leonardtown and a funeral procession was headed in the opposite direction. Is it considered to be polite or correct to pull off the road ? I saw some vehicles do this and others keep on going. What is the right thing to do ? Please just...
  6. Bonehead

    Cell phone question

    Is there any way that a person can retrieve deleted pictures on a Verizon Motorola LG cell phone ?
  7. Bonehead

    Ricks on 235

    My wife and I were looking to try this place but we couldn't even bear to walk into the restaurant. First was the stinking over flowing ash trays near the front door. Then the stink of piss and old beer in the enterance area with an overflowing trash can full of beer cans and bottles. We turned...
  8. Bonehead

    Bald Eagles

    Anyone know if this is mating season for bald eagles. I saw six mature eagles in group on Saturday and they were chasing each other. Pretty cool sight. I have seen single birds and even pairs but never six at one time over our house.
  9. Bonehead

    Salvage yards

    Does anyone know of a salvage yard within a hundred miles that has a mercedes 123 body in it ? 123s are 1970-1985. Thanks for any help.