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    One America News

    A friend told me about this site. Very right oriented , but says stuff the others don't. What do yo think ?
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    Just to be nosey

    Just who paid for John McCains funeral? Any takers?
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    It has started

    Yesterday we started the process for the mid terms. Texas started the early voting for the primaries. The weather was rather damp and cool, so I didn't get to vote until 10:ish. Let the games begin!:elaine:
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    Mushroom gravy & beef

    Grandma and I have a recipe for some outstanding beef and gravy over rice. Ingredients as follows: Beef pot roast - 2- 2.5 lb Large can mushroom soup Small can mushroom soup small can mushroom pieces Bag of Lipton dried onion soup mix 1 Bag, Reynolds oven bag to 8 lb (small) Mix all...
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    San Antonio Police Academy Class 2016-C

    A friend of ours daughter graduated from the San Antonio Police Academy yesterday. She has been as a granddaughter to for many years. We are so very proud of her. She was #3 in her class in academics and was the class secretary. Graduated at 10AM yesterday and started her first shift at 6AM...
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    Looking for country sausage

    I noticed that Woods Produce in Charlotte Hall has closed. Their breakfast sausage was great. My problem is that we live in Texas, and would have to find a place that makes great country breakfast sausage and would freeze it and ship to us. If we could get the names of others that make the...
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    For what its worth

    Yesterday I had my latest cystoscopy and was declared "CANCER FREE". You don't really know how that feels until it happens to you. Last May, my regular DR saw some blood in a routine urine test, sent me to a Urologist. After a few tests, he wanted to look in my bladder. Well, what do you...
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    Fiesta started today.:yahoo:
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    Its Fiesta time in San Antonio. PARTY TIME!:yahoo:
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    What are your thoughts on the show tonight? I thought it brought up some intresting questions.
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    Smashed mail boxes

    The mail box destroyers hit CRE last night. I saw about 30 (including mine) that were damaged .
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    more crabs

    Grandma and I went crabbing again today, got about a half bushel. used a peeler for bait on a rod & reel. Got 1 striper 20 inches, 1 perch about 9 inches and 4 eels, 3 of them were over 2 feet long. I have to get a smoker. Smoked/ bbq eel is great in shushi.
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    Went over to PAX today and hit some of the crabbing places. Came home with thirty keepers, released a lot too. This was within a 3 hour period. Great day for Granny and me.
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    Time for a BBQ

    Do you think we have a few hours left to do the BBQ for supper?
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    How about a Home Depot or Home Base in the area

    I Think it would be great to have some competition for Lowes. If you have been to Lowes lately, you know that they could use some competition. Some of the prices are a bit steep as compared to on line prices. Besides, I LOVE TO BROUSE THROUGH HARDWARE STORES!
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    driveway paving

    Does anyone know of a paving company that will do a driveway in CRE? I have worn my fingers out . Only one company answered their phone, said they didn't do CRE and minimum charge was $3000.00 for anything. The others said leave a message and we will get back to you. None have yet.:confused:
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    stuffed ham

    We are new to the area and have heard of "stuffed ham" I saw a "corned ham" the other day at the grocers. Can anyone tell me about this type of pork? The corned ham looked like a fresh ham to me? Forgive me for being ignorant. Where may we find a sample of the stuffed ham? Would love to try...
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    Where is a good place to get a haircut? I am not particular, just as long as its off my neck and ears, and doesn't bother my forward motion.
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    I know that I am new here, (2 weeks) but I have seen no activity on 235. the same cones are in the same spots every day, and no one is doing anything. Do they work on the road between midnight and 5 AM? We came here last year and the year before on vacations, it still seems the same. The...
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    Our Arrival

    The internet shows the only pet friendly motel as the Days Inn at Leonardtown. So we will plan to stay there next Sunday Night. We will need to find a place to board our two persain boys, until after the household goods are delivered. Our guys will be staying at the neighborhood vets "hilton"...