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    Ridge VFD and Rescue Squad

    As long as supplies last the Fire Depts. and EMS companies get restocked what they use from St. Marys Hospital after they drop a patient off. That may have changed but Im not sure. Each dept also orders their own supplies, but Im sure no one was prepared for what has happened.
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    Good places to walk/run?

    Three Notch Trail from county line in Charlotte Hall down to Laurel Grove Park, 11 miles should be good walk or jog.
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    Shout out to Solomons VRS

    Good to know they were dressed professionally. There are some depts here in Southern Maryland that look pretty sloppy at times. Our dept. spends alot of money for gear and we are dressed pretty much professionally when we go out on a call. Usually cargo or job pants and a t-shirt or...
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    MD Governor Closes Bars Restaurants Movie Theaters and Gyms

    The drive up is for only St. Mary residents, it may have been mentioned already I did not read all the post. They now a driveup one in Arlington at Virginia Hospital but don't know if its only Arlington residents.
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    NASCAR Atlanta. Race #5 , Sunday 15 March

    Monello, before you joined a couple years ago, I was on a good roll and won 3 Championships in previous years, since you joined I havent been as lucky.
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    NASCAR Atlanta. Race #5 , Sunday 15 March

    YES YES YES That's exactly why I logged in.. 4 time Champ.
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    Pellet Stove Acting Up

    Thats my man too, Austin has kept my stove running great, been using him pretty much since he started in the business for several years ago.
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    NASCAR 2020 Fantasy SEASONAL Picks

    Homie my name OHCG3Time Champ is way tooooo long, lets just make it OHGx3 please. Not being nice Homie 'Hall of Old Farts'
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    NASCAR Auto Club 400 Sunday 1 March .Race #3

    Back on top where I belong. lol
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    NASCAR Auto Club 400 Sunday 1 March .Race #3

    Sending prayers your way. Hope everything turns out OK.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500 Sunday February 16th

    Did you see where Timmy Hill finished in the Xfinitiy race 3rd place. I almost put him in my second pick just for crap's and giggles, he will be in my second pick the rest of the season when I edit it tomorrow.
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    NASCAR 2020 Fantasy SEASONAL Picks

    Yes I'd like to change my SP2 to 3TIMECHAMP thank you very much. I should be in the NASCAR Hall of Fame just like Joe Gibbs.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    Your not being very nice.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    You all are confusing me. My first picks with Truex on top are for the whole year, but I can change if so desired as the season goes on. These are so I dont have worry about getting my picks in on time. If I understand correctly we can put a second pick for the season but can also change as...
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    Not Nice. I only have one year in last, think you have several more. I didnot even look at those other guys picks, my picks were pretty much who I choose all of last year.
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    Me too, seasonal pick #2 1 Chase Elliot 2 Kyle Lason 3 Eric Jones 4 Ryan Blaney 5 Bowman
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    Martin Truex Jr Seasonal Picks Kyle Busch Denny Hamlin Kevin Harvick Joey Logano
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    NASCAR Daytona 500

    You young ripper snapper's are confusing this old guy.
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    Neurologist recommendations

    I wasn't a fan of Reel either. Saw him for a couple of years.
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    Are deputies in St. Mary's really underpaid?

    Charles County has had alot of deputies retire in the past couple of years. They also have county commissioners who are more receptive to hiring more deputies to help keep crime in check. Also have a larger population. When the academy graduates new officers, Charles usually has twice as many...