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    Hillary Ripped

    Give them some time. They are Trump supporters you know.
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    Has anyone noticed...

    61,000 died during the 17-18 flu season. Oct-April.?
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    One of the things that annoys me the most...

    And that fact keeps being ignored.
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    The good news about this virus

    I did see a photo of a clear smogless sky over LA. :p
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    One of the things that annoys me the most...

    Its becoming more like a chemical weapon
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    How do they count the number of flu cases each year. Is it an estimate, or actual doctor's visit.?
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    The cases are doubling because of testing. More tests, could mean more positives. What are the total cases vs positives.
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    Governor Cuomo: Trump Quarantining New York To Stop Coronavirus Is ‘Declaration Of War’ On New York

    NY, Illinois & Michigan are the leaders. They have spouted off about him, then when he gives it back, they cry and get pity from the hateful press.
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    Coronavirus checks: answers to FAQ

    Its kind of a good thing people are limiting their trips about. It might curtail the loan sharks from getting people to borrow against their check. But don't be surprised if the tax companies try it just like their we will give you money ahead of receiving your refund gimmick.
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    I find this interesting...

    What happened was a likely cost overrun from their last project. Got to have it ready for the next Dem shindig.
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    Everything now is, our cases are doubling. Well the more people you test its going to increase if they have it. Just also let us know how many don't compared to how many that do.
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    One of the things that annoys me the most...

    Which is why people are freaking out whenever people cough. There are other reason you cough.
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    China Sends Hundreds Of Thousands Of Coronavirus Tests, Masks To Nations. Many Reportedly Don’t Work.

    Why would anyone trust China right now. I hear the people on the left saying, look at how they handled it, cases are going down. Except they don't realize kicking out world journalists is hiding their true numbers. China would just allow a million people to die and not say anything. then turn...
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    Coronavirus checks: answers to FAQ

    If it would stop raining as much . :)
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    One of the things that annoys me the most...

    If you watch network TV every commercial break contains 1 or 2 of the stay at home, we are all in this together.
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    What the Media Isn't Telling You About the United States' Coronavirus Case Numbers

    You can't even find out the total number that have been tested. And all you hear if its found out you don't have it is you can still get it.
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    Video shows phones at a Florida beach during spring break, and where they all traveled during the coronavirus outbreak

    Look at how much Michigan is lit up. Now I see why they are going NY style.
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    What are they waiting for?

    As long as its the worse is yet to come is said, never.
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    Coronavirus checks: answers to FAQ

    With any type of these govt monies given in the past it goes on the next years taxes as income. You will pay some of it back.
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    How Much Stimulus Will You Get?

    There was a financial guy on CH 11 news this morning and a question was asked will this money be taxed. His response was no. The follow up should have been will the govt count this as income on next year's taxes.