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  1. FireBrand

    Very punny!

  2. FireBrand

    Very punny!

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    Random Humor

  4. FireBrand


    Cops and Tow truck just left, traffic now moving both ways. I would still expect a big backup.
  5. FireBrand

    Tesla has new factory in China

    IMHO,This is a good thing because Tesla is a goddam bad joke. :lmao:
  6. FireBrand

    What food don't you like?

    I hate garlic. If you don't like the taste of something, put garlic on it ! That is the only reason why someone would use garlic.
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    Random Humor

  8. FireBrand

    Opinion wanted: driving.

    :yay: correct !
  9. FireBrand

    Sad news.

    Rip bcp !
  10. FireBrand

    Noise advisory

  11. FireBrand

    what song are you listening to?

    A very young Sammy Hagar singing for a very young Ronnie Montrose.
  12. FireBrand

    Celebrity Death Pool

    Richard Harrison (old man) of Pawn Stars
  13. FireBrand

    Calvert scanner

    Fire truck just went onto the island and :jameo: no scanner
  14. FireBrand

    Very punny!

  15. FireBrand

    Very punny!

  16. FireBrand

    Very punny!