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    USPS stealing from its customers

    I have had 3 ebay packages drop off the face of the earth in the past month. Now I am out money because I had to issue a refund back to my buyers.
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    Beds for Incontinent Dogs

    Friend of mine had the same problem with her lab. She ended up using a crib mattress. Worked great and clean up was easier.
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    Thrift Stores/Consignment Shops...???

    There is the SPOT in St. Leonard, just north of the traffic circle. If you are looking for kids clothing, Sassafras Hill in the Wildewood Shopping Center is now consigning kids clothing. I have found some great stuff for my little ones there. Also for ladies clothing there is LaPosh at...
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    School's Closed?

    Got the call, St. Mary's County schools closed.
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    Is there a wreck on 235?

    Yes, you can...carpool or ride share. Reduce the number of cars on the road.
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    WWYD, re: primary care physicians?

    Pretty sure Kimberley Chitko has moved out of the area. Dr. Schmidt is with Marie Tartleton in Leonardtown. Dr Lee is with St. Clements Medical Care off of Moakley. But bothe are great practices. I recommend both.
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    where can I

    Why buy one? Give her/him one of yours with a note explaining that it was yours, how you received it, why its special to you and why you want to pass it on.
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    Zumba classes?

    You can do a drop in just for the class. I think it is only $5/class for non-members. Try calling to see if they offer package just for classes.
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    Which one is yours?
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    Getting rid of used books?

    W Would you be interested in donating them for a school yardsale? Tax donation letter would be provided. PM me if interested. Thanks!
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    Ellys' Closet

    It's a upscale ladies consignment sale. Here is a link: Elly's Closet, LLC I was a consigner last sale and sold about 60% of my items, which I consider excellent considering it was the first sale. I also picked up some great clothes for great prices.
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    Idiots at Indian Bridge/Flat Iron Intersection

    No this yield sign applies to anyone making a right hand turn onto rt 5 s. Since the right hand turn lane is divided from the other lane by a solid white line the traffic light does not come into play. You must yield to all traffic in the intersection, no matter where the come from.
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    Sledding and private property.

    Post sign "All trespassers will be shot" and let off a couple of warning shots.
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    Road Conditions

    If you absolutely needed to be somewhere, you would have already had 2-3 contigency plans set up or would have stayed the night where you needed to be. Seeing as if that is not the case, stop asking to be bailed out and ride it out.
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    baby gate for bannisters

    Same set up here. Hubby used several zip ties to attach a peice or 4x4 to the bannister post and then attached the gate to the wood. We just used a Evenflo swing gate that we got at Lowe's. For extra protectionwe glued some thin craft foam on the 4x4 to keep the rubbage down.
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    welcome home gifts

    See if you can find a local caterer that will make one of his favorite dishes and have them deliver it.
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    They do a lot of uniforms, ie sports or schools. Hey it can't hurt.
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    Check the local screen printers, like Cheasapeake Custom. They probably stock them. Good luck!
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    Saying thanks

    Sent mine and sent an e-mail to my friends and family so that they could do one as well. Thanks for sharing!
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    Where can I find a suit?

    Check Peebles too.