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  1. catlingirl

    Group zoom interview

    Has anyone had a group interview online using something like Zoom or any other format like it? How did that work out for you? And any advice to stand out? Sorry not sure where to put this question. Thank you
  2. catlingirl

    Deleted due to being fake

    Sorry didn’t know it was fake
  3. catlingirl

    Calvert libraries

    Calvert libraries will be closed from March 16 to March 30th. Just wanted to let you all know if anyone needs or wants to go before they close. You can still put books and videos on hold and they will bring the stuff out to your car. You just have to call them and let them know.At least for now...
  4. catlingirl

    Drama queen kitten

    Kittens (@kittensfolder) Tweeted: One of our kittens is a bit of a drama queen
  5. catlingirl

    Error on computer

    Hi my computer keeps saying “undoing changes made to your computer” and it’s been like this for about two days now. Nothing else is happening with it. I’ve even tried turning it off and on.Anything I can do.?We’ve had it for a while about 3 or 4 years. My anti software expired. Do you think if I...
  6. catlingirl

    Movies you’ve watched

    What’s the big deal about The Sandlot and that one Christmas movie they show for 24 hrs a day? Neither of them look interesting to me at all.I haven’t seen any of them. What are some movies you like that most wouldn’t?
  7. catlingirl

    Jury Duty

    Son got jury duty but it was sent to an old address so he didn’t find out about it until we got the mail from the old address today. He thought that he had changed all the addresses. Jury duty was end of Jan, beginning of Feb. he called to describe what happened and why he didn’t go. But still...
  8. catlingirl

    Cooking disasters

    What are your cooking disasters that happened that you can laugh about now? For me, after I got married,I cooked a whole chicken in the oven and put Saran Wrap to cover it. It was such an interesting looking chicken with the plastic melted all over it.
  9. catlingirl

    Jets flying overhead

    Is the military doing training flights?
  10. catlingirl

    Siberian Husky Mix

    Anyone interested in a Siberian husky mix? She will be a year old in May. She is a very pretty dog, and tall also. Son just can’t take care of her any longer and I already am taking care of another dog. She is crate trained, just needs to be able to have a home and land for running around, etc...
  11. catlingirl

    Cat food picky eater

    Hi I have a 5 year old cat and he started to get picky about dry cat food and I was wondering what kind do your cats like to eat? He was eating a brand but then got tired of it and he doesn’t seem to like meow mix very much , if at all. I wish there was a way for him to sample the cat food...
  12. catlingirl

    Csm Leonardtown campus on lockdown

    Anyone hear anything about this?
  13. catlingirl

    Training a 6 month puppy

    Where is a good place to go to get a 6 month puppy trained.? He goes to the bathroom outside but won’t listen and is really rowdy. I’ve googled pet training but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks I live in Calvert so anywhere in Southern Maryland is fine.
  14. catlingirl

    Dares beach rd route 4 PF

  15. catlingirl

    Peanut Butter Whiskey

    Nicks in Prince Frederick had this for sample yesterday. It was interesting. It tasted like a spoonful of creamy peanut butter that a kid would eat as a snack. The lady even mixed it with grape juice but the peanut butter overpowered it. It was a good blend of the whiskey and pb.
  16. catlingirl

    Car broken down

    Car broken down on the solomons island bridge northbound
  17. catlingirl

    Firefighters on boat missing in Florida

    This has been all over the news. And I feel so bad for all the people who actually think and hope they are still alive. I hope they are but will be surprised. They’ve been missing since Friday and people are finding items of the men who are missing.
  18. catlingirl

    Android phones

    Hi what’s a good android phone for under $250. That has fingerprint ID. Thanks
  19. catlingirl

    Route 4 Calvert

    Are they ever going to finish paving the dang road. Geez
  20. catlingirl

    Booster shot side effects

    Has anyone’s dog had an adverse reaction to a booster shot? My son’s 6 month old puppy got a booster shot on Monday and today he seems drugged out. He’s going to take him to the vet but I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? He seemed ok yesterday.