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  1. Merlin99

    Wonder what’s happening in the more unstable areas

    China’s been involved with most of them. Africa would be impossible to count who and how many died and Israel may find their Palestinian issue relieved.
  2. Merlin99

    Does an emergency declaration trump the constitution?

    I’ve heard of at least three different abridgments of the constitution by local governments being passed, if not yet enforced. 1st amendment, freedom of assembly. Not to gather in groups of 10 or more people. 2nd amendment, keep and bear arms. Some jurisdictions are proposing confiscation of...
  3. Merlin99

    'Tootsie' star Teri Garr hospitalized after medical emergency: report

    Another of those stories to make me feel old, I thought she was the hottest woman ever when she was in Young Frankenstein.
  4. Merlin99

    Linda Ronstadt compares Trump to Hitler, says Mexicans 'are the new Jews'

    I guess this is true if you assume that the Jews in question were Polish. And instead of massacring the Polish Jews he kept them from invading Germany. But with those minor changes it's exactly the same.
  5. Merlin99

    You can't get rid of them for being thuglets

    But you can for not getting a shot. Personally I'd get rid of them for a laundry list of things and let the ones who want to be there have a chance. Too many resources are wasted on the...
  6. Merlin99

    If you forgot something

    Wawa, Sheetz, ABC liquor and Giant are open. (ABC is an assumption because of the cars in the parking lot)
  7. Merlin99

    A new theory on why Nancy isn't sending charges to the Senate.

    She's waiting to take all the Senators out for the New Hampshire primaries because she wants Pete.
  8. Merlin99

    Let's start a pool for when Hill announces her candidacy

    I'm taking 2/14/20 because everyone loves her.
  9. Merlin99

    More from the 'Dorf

    but at least they made national headlines
  10. Merlin99

    Parliamentary inquiry

    Watching the opening statements and the opening rounds of "Mr Chairmen point of order" and "Parliamentary inquiry", and wondering why don't they have the House Parliamentarian sitting in to have the questions put to him. Nadler's opinions seems flawed and they employ an expert anyways, why not...
  11. Merlin99

    Tan your taint, prepare to walk funny

    I can't imagine ever aiming my taint at the sun, much less telling the world about it.
  12. Merlin99

    Another reason CNN isn't really a news source.

    He was found not guilty and in fact another guy has admitted to killing him, but still reporting it as if he's guilty. This could be libelous at this point.
  13. Merlin99

    Have you noticed

    Jeffrey Epstein and crew has been completely forgotten.
  14. Merlin99

    Getting rid of verizon

    Does getting rid of Verizon dsl mean getting rid of Verizon email? I know in the old days it would, but now with their email being run by aol is it the same?
  15. Merlin99

    Real workable gun control measures.

    We've figured out that the D's want to confiscate your guns, or barring that, register you and your gun (for confiscation at a later date. Has anyone really thought about the problem and thought of any workable solutions? I can come up a single thing, prosecute gun laws, every one of them. The...
  16. Merlin99

    Schumer to ask Trump to divert $5 billion in border wall funding to fight gun violence.

    I'm thinking Fredo may not be the dumbest thing to come out of New York.
  17. Merlin99

    Hey Monello, cool fish video

    Look at the mouth on this pike
  18. Merlin99

    Japan resumes whaling

    30+ years ago the US blackmailed Japan into signing on to the IWC by banning them from fishing in US territorial waters around Alaska (the Bering sea) until they agreed to join. Japan capitulated, their whaling operations were nothing compared to their fishing. Two years later the US banned all...
  19. Merlin99

    On line garage sales

    People selling bundles of new cleaning stuff, this one What's the deal here? I've seen a lot of these, is it a way of cashing in on their independence card. Just wondering because I see a lot of them.
  20. Merlin99

    Golden age of TV

    Continuing the other thread as a standalone, what were your favorites as a kid. Cartoons would be the Daffy Duck ones and Kimba the white lion, series were the Munsters and the Addams family as well as emergency. Also up at the top were the variety shows especially the Carpenters.