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  1. Merlin99

    5 or more things you like that everyone else hates!

    Cooking Tent camping Jet fumes Cigarette smoke (I quit 13 years ago) English food
  2. Merlin99

    10 things I don't like that everyone else likes

    Little dogs Beaches Okra Video games Cars for kids commercials The smell of Popcorn NASCAR Caribbean Cruises Pepsi Gin
  3. Merlin99

    Aircraft carrier captain removed from duty after pleading for help with coronavirus outbreak

    Given the info we have, the second paragraph is the pertinent one.
  4. Merlin99

    Oh What To Do With Excess Oil(?)

    They did.
  5. Merlin99

    Another Trump-Appointed Judge Benchslaps the Trump Administration for Rewriting Federal Gun Laws

    I kind of like that they ask which enumerated power they're citing, they should do that with every federal law.
  6. Merlin99

    Sorry SG

  7. Merlin99

    Sorry SG

    It’s cancelled.
  8. Merlin99

    Congressmen Demand Airlines Provide Full Cash Refunds for Coronavirus Cancellations

    Not a lot, but they really wanted the rental car back though. Not sure what that was about.
  9. Merlin99

    New Chevrolet Nova.

    Looks like they could have named it Cavalier just as easily.
  10. Merlin99

    Congressmen Demand Airlines Provide Full Cash Refunds for Coronavirus Cancellations

    A friend of mine came back from Wisconsin the other day, he had the entire first class section to himself. He said he probably could have had the copilot seat
  11. Merlin99

    Little Something for Star Trek Fans

    What would be a hilarious show would be to lock up him and George Takei (Sulu) together, the new odder couple. Sulu’s gay, Kirk isn’t. Sulu hates Trump, Kirk doesn’t. Sulu hates Kirk (but may secretly want him), Kirk hates Sulu (but in another universe, may secretly want him).
  12. Merlin99


    Not likely, it’ll cost as much to administer as they’ll make with the licensing fees. Much more likely is a back door gun registration along with an inconvenience that will preclude a lot of people from buying ammo.
  13. Merlin99

    Suspected SARS Virus And Flu Samples Found In Chinese Scientists' Luggage Arriving In The U.S.: REPORT

    The problem here is that the "proof" is in such an esoteric form that the only ones who can say yes or no to it being proof is another virologist. The statements say that it's to close to a virus found in a pangolin, but is that really proof?
  14. Merlin99

    End of Times

    I miss the
  15. Merlin99

    Governor Northam stealing election

    Virginia cancelled their republican primaries weeks ago.
  16. Merlin99

    What Should He Have Done?

    This is an unlikely number. The denominator is probably close to right dead is a pretty easy diagnosis, but the numerator is purely guess work. How many people really have it? All of those people with “seasonal allergies”, flu, or occasionally “nothing“ could have or had this already skewing the...
  17. Merlin99

    Hillary Ripped

    You don’t have to be gleeful to see how it happens though. If you stick so many people in such a small area that you have to stack them hundreds of feet in the air you’re going to have sickness, it’s a wonder they have oxygen left by the time everyone’s breathed the same air.