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  1. getbent

    SUV not running.... what to do with it

    I have an 2000 Expedition that is no longer running. I have no idea what is wrong with it. We are tired of putting money in it to keep it running. I know I could donate it to charity but, with 2 teenage daughters I donate a ton of clothes throughout the year. I cant remember if there's a max...
  2. getbent

    Commercial cleaning company

    Looking for recommendations on a cleaning company that does medical/dental offices. Office is located in California, MD. TIA
  3. getbent

    The Prince is dead

    He was a great talent and will be missed. Prince has died at his home in Minneapolis
  4. getbent

    Tax question

    Can anyone explain why if our Federal AGI is 40k less this year than last year, I would owe MD taxes? We had a bunch of stuff to submit for taxes last season and received a refund. This year, 3 W-2's, statement for mortgage interest and my thing from CSM (student loan) and now owe. Just...
  5. getbent

    Labor laws for a 16 yer old

    I want to make sure I understand this correctly. I do not want to assume the employer will follow the rules. From the DLLR website: Minors 16 and 17 years of age: •May not spend more than 12 hours in a combination of school hours and work hours each day. •Must be allowed at least 8...
  6. getbent

    Debt consolidation

    We were thinking of doing debt consolidation for our credit cards or taking out a personal loan. Any one do this? Any advice, tips, warnings, etc.? Or would it be better to use the snowball effect and not take out a loan? I don't want anything to mess up our credit. Someone mentioned to me...
  7. getbent

    Cool Sentry program

    I don't believe any threads that mention Cool Sentry have been updated. SMECO called and said techs would be in our area, do we want to participate. Told her I'd have to talk to hubby, bills in his name. Any thoughts, good or bad, on this program? Any hidden costs to have it or opt out? TIA.
  8. getbent

    We won!!!!

    Give it up for the Chopticon Braves baseball team. They are the MD State Champions. 1-0 vs. Mt. Hebron. Way to go guys. You've made CHS history!!! Just thought I'd share :)
  9. getbent

    Missing Leonardtown girl

    I apologize if this has already been posted. Maybe I missed it when I tried to search first.
  10. getbent

    Pet Friendly rentals

    Has anyone ever used a pet friendly rental place in Ocean City? It would be for dogs. TIA.
  11. getbent

    Puppy won't go out for hubby

    We have 2 English Mastiffs, 11 mos. old. One of them was disciplined for urinating in the house and now refuses to go out for my husband. This was at least 2 mos. ago if not longer. She runs and hides under the table. He tried giving her treats but she pee'd all over the floor and him. She...
  12. getbent

    This page cannot be displaye

    For some reason this week, web pages I go to on a regular basis, now show up as cannot be displayed. A few are USAA, PNC, BOA, FB & Capital One. I try to Google them and use that link but get the same result. I've ran Spybot, Microsoft Security Essentials, and AVG. Found two spyware things...
  13. getbent


    I was wondering can you watch current episodes of TV shows on Netflix? For example, I believe you can watch The Walking Dead. Would I be able to watch season 5 when it starts Oct. 12th?
  14. getbent

    Sounds like verdict was not a favorable one for Tank

    I don't know the actual verdict, but a group on FB, that's been very active in the "Justice for Tank" movement, just posted today was a sad day in St. Mary's County. I'm guessing it didn't go well :(
  15. getbent

    Painting new front door

    I have a new front door that we bought new, unfinished. I painted it about 5 weeks ago and the paint is still tacky. I did several thin coats and let each coat dry for a couple of hours. Any ideas of how to fix it? Valspar said it should be dry, but well it's not. Also, we have a window in...
  16. getbent

    Commercial AC

    Question, I know at home if my thermostat is set to 74, then once it hits 75 it comes on and cools until it reads 74 then stops running. Are commercial units made the same way? The thermostat at work is set to 73 yet even though it reads 73 it still says cooling and it's blowing air. Are they...
  17. getbent

    Bug remover

    For those of you who take pride in keeping your car (vehicle) clean, what do you use to remove all the bugs on the front of it? I tried using something made by Goo be Gone for bugs but it doesn't seem to do the trick. TIA.
  18. getbent

    giving a dog medicine

    Our puppy is on antibiotics due to a UTI (started them this afternoon). This morning though, she threw up all her breakfast, then did it a few more times. She's also running a temperature. Gave the antibiotic (2 pills) in cheese about an hour ago and yep, she just threw that up as well along...
  19. getbent

    Vet reccommendations....

    Any one ever hear of or use Banfield Pet Hospital, Annapolis, MD? We were told a vet there had a lot of experience with Mastiff's and that's where the breeder chooses to go with their dogs. Also, they offer wellness plans. For a certain price per month (I believe for a year) it covers...
  20. getbent

    Computer fan making noise

    This pic is the back of my computer. The fan near the power supply started making noise. I took the back off, blew out the dust but it's still making noise. Is there anything else I should check? Am I going to have to replace it? TIA.