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    Helo-Indian Bridge Road

    Helo hovering in the area of St. Andrews Church Road and Indian Bridge, anybody know why? TIA:howdy:
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    Legal ??? MJ tickets: To Sell or Not To Sell

    So on a whim, I entered the lottery for MJ tickets and won! (Go figure, the first time I win something). I am unable to attend. Question is...Can I sell my code (not the actual tickets)on eBay? Any thoughts?
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    Metrocast VIP Package

    Any feedback on their bundle of digital cable, internet and VOIP. (Other than the obvious issues with Metrocrap) We don't have much choice where we are at. TIA :howdy:
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    New Low Rate for Credit Cards!!!

    So this is the 5th time I have gotten a call from 904-259-4351, we can give you a great rate on all of your cards. So I ask which account they are referring to, "any card" is the response. I smell a scam, so I have asked them to remove my number (all 5 times) and basically get told I am idiot or...
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    Acoustic Guitar Lessons

    My son, who will be 8 in a few weeks, is interested in guitar lessons. Any recommendations for instructors and/or shops. We live in California, but willing to travel for a good instructor. TIA!:howdy:
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    Baby Gates

    She's on the move! My daughter is now crawling, so it's time for the baby gate. We have a spilt foyer with a bannister, not a half wall, on the upstairs. So it will make installation interesting, because I don't want to have to drill into the bannister. Any recommendations on brands or installation?
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    Indian Bridge Road

    Accident around 3:30 today. Mail carrier vs red truck. Anybody have any info? She was my mail carrier, just wondering.