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  1. Bonehead

    Attacked by wild turkeys....

    From what I read the juveniles act as if they were hand raised and are very social birds. These birds came right to her and the truck.
  2. Bonehead

    Attacked by wild turkeys....

    Dear wife just got stopped and roughed up by three young “jakes” they even jumped up on the top of another persons car....frisky this time of year.
  3. Bonehead

    Md. Gov. Larry Hogan issues ‘stay at home’ order

    Gotcha. Carry on.
  4. Bonehead

    Md. Gov. Larry Hogan issues ‘stay at home’ order

    I thought you were Hanks buddy, what happened ?
  5. Bonehead

    The Pillow Guy

    Yeah I tried Weis yesterday it was like a kicked hornets nest. People way over react.
  6. Bonehead

    Social Order Is BREAKING Down in Italy, Police Being Deployed To Grocery Stores As Looting Erupts

    Can’t stand that talking head no matter what his message is.
  7. Bonehead

    Governor Cuomo: Trump Quarantining New York To Stop Coronavirus Is ‘Declaration Of War’ On New York

    I am tired of listening to Cuomo pizz and moan about NY. Are any other governors doing this ummmm No.
  8. Bonehead

    What About Those Mandated Reusable Grocery Bags

    Weis has banned reusable bags, the cashiers are prohibited from touching them. This was @ 1400 yesterday.
  9. Bonehead

    Fakebook has a blurb that the

    Well shite !
  10. Bonehead

    Fakebook has a blurb that the

    You don’t have your car back yet ?
  11. Bonehead

    Hello Monday (Weekend recap thread)

    Caffeine withdrawal is a sure headache, almost like dehydration.
  12. Bonehead

    Hello Monday (Weekend recap thread)

    Why pray tell would you chose to give up caffeine under the current conditions ?
  13. Bonehead

    The GOP's coronavirus relief package is a dream for big corporations and a nightmare for struggling Americans

    I say adios cruise lines and Boeing as well. It will save lives to avoid flying poorly designed aircraft.
  14. Bonehead

    Bone head things we did today

    She should have said something about that amount of $. That’s on her karma. Yours is clear.
  15. Bonehead

    Ban Gun Sales

    Nope got 1k rounds last week.
  16. Bonehead

    How gray are you?

    Been white since I was 35 so no worries.
  17. Bonehead

    'Boomer Remover' Spring Breakers Don't Care if You Live or Die Because They Need to Party

    Maybe some of the entitled little shits will die. You know natural selection.
  18. Bonehead

    What Would Martial Law Because of Wuhan Look Like?

    I hate to say it but Donald really screwed the pooch with his public statements about how this will all just “go away“. Certain Governors have stepped up and taken sensible action when zero leadership was coming from Washington. It is disgusting now to watch the politicians squabble while very...
  19. Bonehead

    Seller Blocked By Amazon Complains He Can’t Sell His 17,000 Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer

    I say make him drink a bottle or two and donate the rest.