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  1. Baja28

    Happy birthday, Baja28!

    I've never recovered after the weather machine broke. :bawl:
  2. Baja28

    Happy birthday, Baja28!

    I heard my name was mentioned here.... Thanks guys! :patriot:
  3. Baja28

    Colin Kaepernick explains why he sat during national anthem

    Praying for a career ending injury ASAP!
  4. Baja28

    Supreme Court confirmation hearings

    :killingme Good ole hypocrite democrats.
  5. Baja28

    WaWa gas prices

    Not if you live here. :biggrin:
  6. Baja28

    WaWa gas prices

    $1.85 at Sheetz in King George
  7. Baja28


    Any others heard this?
  8. Baja28

    Zimmerman = Classy.... Not!

    A dead obama son trayvon martin, is a law abiding trayvon martin. :dead: Good on ya George. :lol:
  9. Baja28

    Thing 1 and Thing 2

    Look at MKK with the new MPD. Still a drama queen.... :drama: :killingme
  10. Baja28

    Cleanup for pope's Philadelphia Mass sweeps homeless aside

    :killingme Mammakookoo has a new MPD.
  11. Baja28

    Now can she be indicted????

    Thanks. You are what you eat dick.
  12. Baja28

    Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower

    No, my doodads.
  13. Baja28

    Now can she be indicted????

    What did I accuse him of? :shrug: The running from the cops was a reference to his fear of them as he has made very clear on these very forums. I peek in after taking a break from some of the ilk here to see nothing has changed and you zero's are still floundering.
  14. Baja28

    Look Up! Perseid Meteor Shower

    Saw a couple small ones this morning.
  15. Baja28

    Now can she be indicted????

    Exactly. I'm sure there isn't much to take but when I'm done with the window licker, he'll be walking 235 with a sign and a change cup.
  16. Baja28

    Now can she be indicted????

    That's a pretty strong accusation there "champ". Why don't you post some proof to back it up before you meet my attorney who will own your ass until the day you die and serves you with defamation papers? I see you're still running from the cops you pathetic little puke.
  17. Baja28

    Now can she be indicted????
  18. Baja28

    Hillary fading fast...

    Well with this tidbit, things just got dicier for her....
  19. Baja28

    This reminds me of...

    Didn't RR have problems too? And he was friends with Wenchy who passed but they weren't married.
  20. Baja28

    Get FREE SOLAR PANELS and lower electric bill!!!

    I honestly am not sure either but I do know that we have to prove to utilities that new generators we install cannot backfeed the grid. There's a lot to it like synching the phases and the danger to linemen working on outages.