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  1. Wickedwrench

    Cash for Clunkers

    Check out youtube to see what is happening to these cars as they are traded in. Hard to believe 2 quarts of sodium silicate can do so much damage so fast.:twitch: And btw, what they are doing to these cars is abhorrent to me.
  2. Wickedwrench

    Chik Fil A has a new spokesperson I saw a live video of this yesterday.:lmao: Poor chickens! That cow was gobbling them up like pac man.:killingme
  3. Wickedwrench

    Anybody got the link to?

    The thread where the store owner broke a robber's head open with the carpenter's level.:confused: Thanks!
  4. Wickedwrench

    It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good morning all!:coffee:
  5. Wickedwrench

    Hey Shutterbug!!!!

    Thanks for showing me your rear bumper this morning! It made my day.:lol:
  6. Wickedwrench

    Hey Jazz................

    Slow down! Some people are not awake yet this morning.:lmao:
  7. Wickedwrench

    whatever happened to?

    This guy. He made me laugh.:lol:
  8. Wickedwrench

    Auto Accident Personal Injury Claims

    Should I take the payoff or get a legal eagle involved?:shrug:
  9. Wickedwrench

    Hey Catt................ Betcha didn't know that you had your own action figure, did you?:twitch: j/k :killingme
  10. Wickedwrench

    Forum is a bad word?

    I tried to change my av title to "forum stalker" and it ##### me out.:ohwell:
  11. Wickedwrench

    Who did it again?

    :tantrum I didn't even get to read it.
  12. Wickedwrench


    Just noticed I hadn't seen any posts lately.:shrug:
  13. Wickedwrench

    Wow, the bride wore black :killingme
  14. Wickedwrench

    What ever happened to?

    Danzig?:shrug: Come to think of it, there's alot of peeps missing these days...........................
  15. Wickedwrench

    30 dollars to flush my own toilets...........

    Just got a chance to read the paper and it looks like anyone here that has their own septic fields will have to pay a yearly 30 dollar toilet "fee". Wow, will the fun never end in this great state of ours?:confused: