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    GREASE - Well Done Cast and Crew! Still time to take this in. Go and laugh, cheer, and be-bop your way through 2+ hours of fun and applaud our young talent. Good job cast, crew and band. We really enoyed your performance. Look at me i'm Sandra . . . . c'mon now...
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    If the credit charge was $9.84, take a closer look Clever. They bank upon the victim not paying attention and/or not knowing what fees apply. Not a bad play.
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    Credit Report Freeze - Fight ID Theft

    Credit Freeze and Thaw Guide | Credit freezes are one of the most effective tools against economic ID theft available to consumers.
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    Financial Peace University - 2/5/14 Class

    Financial Peace University Financial Peace University consists of an 8 week video curriculum taught by financial expert Dave Ramsey. Financial Peace University provides biblically based commonsense education and empowerment which gives HOPE to everyone from the financially secure to the...
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    K-Mart Lease to Own

    New Kmart Rent-to-Own Program Turns $300 TV Into $415 Buy - Bloomberg Very clever indeed.
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    In your face . . . !

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry Lures Businesses from Md., Takes Shot at Gov. O'Malley - Southern Maryland Headline News What ad would MOM run in Texas to counter?
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    Financial Peace University - 9/11/13 Start

    Financial Peace University Space available in class starting 9/11/13 at 6:00pm. Expect 2 hours maximum for each class. Class will be held at St. John's in Hollywood, MD Course materials and lifetime membership cost is $102.30 Course led by volunteers (Alice and Kirk Munsch)
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    Medical Alert Device Scam

    AG Warns Consumers about Medical Alert Device Phone Scam - Southern Maryland Headline News Remember, you have what they want. You need to work as hard at keeping it as they will at getting it. And make sure Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and on and on realize it too.
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    Washington Gas - Provider Switch Call

    240-252-1325 Call from the above number and the person was representing themselves as being from the Washington Gas Company. The reason for the call (repeatedly) was a 10% discount for the next four months on my bill that I was getting because we use gas heat. She stated my name, phone...
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    ID Thieves are Targeting Your Tax Refund

    Identity Thieves Are Targeting Your Tax Refund! Identity thieves are using stolen social security numbers to file bogus tax returns and collect refunds. The scary part is that you probably won't find out that your identity and social security number have been used fraudulently until your...
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    Notre Dame vs. Navy - Dublin Ireland

    Saturday, CBS, 0900 I will have a blue hat with an "N" on it. I'll wave. GO NAVY!
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    Financial Peace University - 9/12/12 Start

    (Posted with Vrai's permission) Financial Peace University Space available in class starting 9/12/12 at 6:00pm. I promise we will start on time and end (7:30pm) on time. Class will be held at St. John's in Hollywood, MD Course materials and lifetime membership cost is $95. Course...
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    To the Blue Prius

    It has been a long time since I've seen someone roll down their window and toss trash onto the road. It must be normal behavior as you have a vanity plate so there is a bit of "look at me" going on. To add to the "well I'll be" factor is we were sitting still in 235 traffic to the base and...
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    Don't think it can't happen . . . ?

    Don't think it can't happen? Don't think anything is possible? Don't think you need insurance and an emergency fund? See Colorado Springs. Don't think it can't happen? Don't think anything is possible? Don't think you need insurance and an emergency fund? See Florida. Don't think it...
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    If you are going to spend time working hard for it

    spend some time taking care of it. Don't ever take for granted the ability to earn an income. NFL Lesson: Learning the Hard Way A former running back hits the nail on the head May 10, 2012 | WRITTEN BY CHRIS RUSSELL NFL draft busts. When most of us hear those words, we think of too...
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    Tax Time Identity Theft Tips

    Beware of Tax Time ID Theft Scams During tax time, criminals impersonate the IRS by email, phone, websites and even tweets in an effort to scam your personal information. In 2011 the IRS stopped over 250,000 fake returns preventing nearly $1.5 billion in refunds from going to criminals. We...
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    Makes my blood boil . . .

    Million-dollar foreclosures rise as rich walk away - Yahoo! Finance "In the lower-priced houses you'll see more people defaulting because they can't afford the payments and it's a choice between feeding their family and paying the mortgage on a home that's under water," said Stuart Vener, a...
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    A Credit Carol

    A Credit Carol, Part I A Dave Ramsey twist on a famous Christmas story Dec 6, 2011 | WRITTEN BY CHRIS RUSSELL Tweet1 The front door closed with an angry thud. A biting wind and needle-prick snowflakes bounced off Ebeloser Stooge's face as he pulled his long trench coat over his...
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    Japan Earthquake Relief Scams

    Beware of Japan Earthquake Relief Scams Make Sure Your Donation Goes Where It Is Needed After natural disasters, thieves will often try to profit from the good intentions of Americans. They send e-mails, make phone calls, and post fake video footage on social media sites in order to steal...
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    Tax Time Reminder

    Don't Get Scammed at Tax Time Be sure you protect yourself against identity theft and other scams that increase during the tax filing season. Scammers try to use the name or logo of the IRS or U.S. Department of the Treasury to obtain your personal information. IRS websites are being...