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    anyone sick????

    is anyone else sick? Or am i just the lucky one out of the group
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    wtf was the babysitter thinking

    i just heard go over the scanner that a girl who was babysitting a 7yr old sent mother a text saying she was leaving and left a 7yr old child unattended. the mother gets home and there is no 7yr old to be found. the police might have to call out a search team to look for the child if the...
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    arky how is boxy

    arky how is boxy doing haven't seen anything posted about him in a while? Hope all is well...Hope he finally got to move in with your neighbor that said he wanted him.
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    icit question for you

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    tick bite

    have any of you ladies ever gotten a tick bite behind the ear next to your earing hole? I have and all i have to say is ouch.
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    otc meds for sore throat

    which is the best otc meds for and adult who has a sore throat? not looking for people to bash either. just looking for some useful help with which seems to work the best that is it.
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    how many people suffered from it and what did you do to make the pain less other than taking stuff the doctor gives you?
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    someone dumped an about 8wk old kitten where i work last weekend. I need to find him/her a new home. The kitten is white with black patches on it. The kitten is free to approved home. If anyone is interested please send me a pm and we can discuss further.
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    female family doctors

    does anyone have any names of female doctors who are taking new patients? I need to find a new one. I looked at the threads posted threads and didn't see many listed. Any help would be great thanks much