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  1. joedancer

    First Friday in Leonardtown

    Come out and enjoy a great evening in Leonardtown. Walk around to the shops and restaurants and see what they have to offer. You can "taste" or "sample" these great businesses and why they are so special. Restaurants, Retail, Fitness, Art Galleries and so much more. Higher Standards will be...
  2. joedancer

    ISO Information Loud bang in downtown Leonardtown

    I was downtown yesterday and heard an extremely loud bang at around 8:30 am. Loud enough for people to come out of businesses to see what happened. Anyone hear it?
  3. joedancer

    my beloved cockatiel, Phoebe, passed away

    I would love to find a cockatiel. I am so distraught, as Phoebe was 18 years old, and passed away in my arms two days ago. Please contact me. 240-298-6980 Joe
  4. joedancer

    Old Albums

    Remember that when you look at records for sale online, you must keep in mind that the pressing, the album liner notes, the trail off, the label info, address and year all are important in determining value. Not to mention the condition of the vinyl as well as the jacket. What appears to be the...
  5. joedancer

    Old Albums

    Please call before stopping by! 301- 475-2859 thanks! Joe
  6. joedancer

    Old Albums

    I would be interested in looking at them. I sell records in my shop, Fenwick Street Used Books & Music. Please private message me. thanks, Joe
  7. joedancer

    Anyone use Affordable Refuse & Recycling?

    Getting very tired of Waste Management for a variety of reasons. We produce more recyclable waste than garbage and Affordable picks up both once a week in one container for half of what we pay Waste Management. I checked Angie's List and there are no reviews. So I am asking you folks for any...
  8. joedancer

    Solar energy companies?

    I already know what companies offer. I have a new roof. My question is for those that have solar panels, what company you went with and whether you are satisfied. Also, whether you leased or bought your system. thanks
  9. joedancer

    Solar energy companies?

    Hi, I am looking at putting solar panels on our roof. I would like to hear from others that have done this, which company you chose and whether you leased or bought. So far, I have spoken to Solar City and looking into Sungevity. Thanks in advance. Joe
  10. joedancer

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    The Good Earth in Leonardtown is organic and you would be shopping a local business.
  11. joedancer

    Phone upgrade

    I also have the iPhone 4 and waiting. I just heard though the iPhone 6 is just around the corner, so I may wait for that. New ones will supposedly have several color choices, retina display, 14mp camera and more...
  12. joedancer

    Metrocast is an embarassment

    Sobering graph of world wide internet speeds. Internet Speeds Around the World [infographic]
  13. joedancer

    what are they building
  14. joedancer

    Loud boom around 5:00 AM Monday morning, Dec. 31

    I live in Breton Bay and the boom was so loud, I thought my wife fell out of bed upstairs. Anyone hear it? Anyone know what it was? Joe
  15. joedancer

    Five Things Every Elected Official Should Know Australian Guns Stats
  16. joedancer

    Five Things Every Elected Official Should Know

    Gun control: After Connecticut shooting, could Australia's laws provide a lesson?
  17. joedancer

    Dear Heather and T-Bone

    Really? What world are you living in?
  18. joedancer

    Feral Cats

    That is simply uncalled for. Not funny.
  19. joedancer

    Feral Cats

    Feral Cat Rescue Please contact Feral Cat Rescue_ Feral Cat Rescue of St. Mary's County, Great Mills, MD - Southern Maryland Online Feral Cat Rescue of St. Mary's County feralcatrescue P.O. Box 623 Great Mills, MD 20636 301-475-5059 301-481-0171 Contact via E-Mail...
  20. joedancer

    Dear Heather and T-Bone

    “If by a "Liberal" they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people-their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties-someone who believes...