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  1. Misfit

    Dead To Me

    Binged and finished it the other day. Watching Bosch now.
  2. Misfit

    Quarantine workouts

    I love exercise gadgets. I have so many, I had to start getting rid of a few. I can relate with missing swimming. I swam M-F for years but a new work schedule hasn't let me do that for almost a year. :frown:
  3. Misfit

    Quarantine workouts

    How far do you walk? What’s your dumbbell workout? What kind of dumbells? Do you have a bench? I have so many questions.
  4. Misfit

    Quarantine workouts

    What’s everyone doing to stay in shape now that the gyms are closed?
  5. Misfit

    Trump Announces WWE's Vince McMahon As Adviser To Reopen US Economy
  6. Misfit

    damn TRUMP, its his fault!!!!

    Can you use bleach in a humidifier? Asking for a friend.
  7. Misfit

    Coronavirus - two weeks solves everything

    I've had a fever for eight days now and the teledoc said there's nothing anyone can do because it's a virus. I'm trying to keep it in context. Anne Frank lived in a cupboard for two years, I can stay inside for two weeks.
  8. Misfit

    Celebrity Death Pool

    I thought he died playing on the road again. 🤷
  9. Misfit

    Maryland to close all Restaurants, Gyms, Movie Theaters at 5pm, Mar. 16

    All the gym Bros will lose their swole. :frown:
  10. Misfit

    I think I Have the Corona Virus!

    I saw on the internet that people are mixing gin and emergen-C. They call it the quarantini.
  11. Misfit

    Local trails

    Download the AllTrails has everything.
  12. Misfit

    Can coronavirus spread through your Amazon packages?

    :yeahthat: I'm wealthy too and have the "help" take care of licking things. :drama:
  13. Misfit

    Woman's 'very strange' first date sparks Twitter debate: 'I never want to feel that way again'

    Where did they go on their second date? Probably his place.
  14. Misfit

    Best place for a girls' lunch ?

    Roy Rogers has plywood over the windows now as a stink eye deterrent.
  15. Misfit

    Cop on sick leave for 22 years, finally retires

    If he went to work they’d be over staphed.
  16. Misfit

    Weinstein convicted

    ^ This post right here officer.