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  1. Chipmunk

    Protest at the Wawa

    Yesterday afternoon (around 4:45pm), I drove by the Wawa in California, Md and noticed a tent set up on the sidewalk. They had protest signs set up around the stand. Does anybody know what group was protesting? I swear it said LaRouche, but I'm not certain.
  2. Chipmunk

    US Troops

    Everyone, please keep our troops in your thoughts. Last night, we learned that my husband's little brother was killed by an IED in Afganistan on Saturday.
  3. Chipmunk

    Arbys in Prince Frederick

    Nasty, nasty, nasty!!! :barf: If you're visiting Calvert County, please avoid this place. The place is dirty, floors are greasy and the manager is downright rude and obnoxious. I actually filed a complaint about this restuarant with the company and the Calvert County Health Dept. I have...
  4. Chipmunk

    Dr. Koterwas

    I need to find an orthodontist for my son. Dr. Koterwas was recommended by my DS dentist. Anyone have any experience with him?