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  1. Dakota


    Today, I go into my office for the last time and clean it out. I have been the supervisor of my current office for 15 years. No, it isn't because I'm retiring. Instead, oddly enough, I got promoted. Yesterday, when I got the job offer, I thought it was an April Fool's joke. I applied for...
  2. Dakota


    How is everyone's free trial of Socialism going? :ohwell:
  3. Dakota

    Maryland COVID 19 map

    Just went live
  4. Dakota

    Transgenders in the house

    How would you feel if your employer hired Steve, who has days that he/she thinks he is Heather. You must call he/she Heather on those days because he/she has the right to identify with whatever gender he/she wants.
  5. Dakota

    What a beautiful day!!!

    I am super tired, bruised and scratched everywhere but so happy to have had a nice day to work outside. This is the nicest day we have had in Southern Maryland on a weekend in a while. Time for a glass of wine. :cheers:
  6. Dakota

    Golden State Killer and East Area Rapist identified and arrested.

    I love to see how they get criminals after the hopes of ever solving a case seemed hopeless. :coffee: Press conference expected at noon. Adding another link...
  7. Dakota

    Half of states report 50 percent or

    more of births financed by Medicaid The District of Columbia and 24 states reported less than 50 percent but greater than 40 percent of births were financed by Medicaid. These included Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland...
  8. Dakota


    :shocking: on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 31, 2017. Irma has well-defined eye. (NOAA/satellite) This could hit Florida they say....
  9. Dakota

    Dish Removal from roof - looking to pay someone

    I have a dish on the peak of my roof from DTV I want to have removed. Does anyone know of a local handy person who will do this for a fee? Thanks
  10. Dakota

    Active shooter - Ohio University
  11. Dakota

    Donald Trump is a racist

    that is what they say... So since when???
  12. Dakota

    Clinton concession speech

    I thought it was scheduled for 930 but I think that has now been moved to 1030 this morning. TMZ is reporting 1030
  13. Dakota

    Election Day

    It is like Christmas eve. We all hope to get what we want. Anyway, Directv has a new feature, when watching any of the 24 hour news channels, you will be given an option to press the red button... once you do, you will see the electoral map, blah blah blah without missing what is...
  14. Dakota

    Podesta brothers and sketches of #MadeleineMcCann abductors. The photos are correct, you can see several articles afterwards showing the sketches The email is correct, check wikileaks also there is this... a briefing memo to WJC...
  15. Dakota

    Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger

    25 minutes but worth it...
  16. Dakota

    Clinton's housekeeper had access to top secret material

    WOW... front page of the New York times. Apparently her housekeeper pulled the daily briefing and often accessed Hillary's email, faxing various things on a secured fax machine.
  17. Dakota

    Directv blocking CNN & Fox

    I am one of the customers - and the Friday before an election :mad: Apparently it is happening all over the U.S.
  18. Dakota

    Hillarygate Probe

    is now a criminal investigation - excellent article & comments
  19. Dakota

    FBI Records Vault

    You can find it on Twitter This was released today... seems odd but apparently it was per request. The investigation stemmed from one of several pardons Bill Clinton made on the last day of his presidency in 2001, that of financier and international fugitive Marc Rich, whose wife...
  20. Dakota

    Mike Pence

    He doesn't get enough attention and really comes off as a likable guy. If something was to happen to Trump and he couldn't serve, I'd be okay with Pence.