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  1. dawn

    Help! - Missing Dogs

    Here they are
  2. dawn

    Lost Dog - Lucy

    Lost on St. George's Island Lucy is 17 years old, black and gray shaggy dog. She is blind and hard of hearing. She has short legs and a long body. If you see her please call 301-904-0653
  3. dawn


    I was thinking the same thing Vince. All this cold weather should have killed them....I found a stink bug, I thought they would be extinct now too, but guess not. :(
  4. dawn

    I'm at a loss for words.

    Fact -- this dog was heading to the day care where is is the unofficial mascot and goes there frequently and in fact is buried in the daycare's yard! Fact -- this person shot the dog and the daycare was right on the other side of the bush Fact he did not call animal control but rather a...
  5. dawn

    Care Credit for Vets

    I have it too! It is a great card, we have used it for the pups and for my son at the dentist. Allot of Drs. Dentists and vets take the card. You can apply on line for the card too. Healthcare and Medical Financing for Consumers | CareCredit™
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    Lost dog

    No not yet.
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    MISSING KITTEN! Callaway Area

    Could this be her? Animal Details
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    Animal Rescue

    When you call animal control, ask for the name of the person taking the report and ask for a follow up call. If the dont call then call back and ask for a status of the report.
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    Worried about hungry dogs living outside...

    :diva: You have to be the voice for the voiceless! :howdy:
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    Received a call from 301-301-3032 and a gentleman with a very strong accent and very broken English wanted to talk to me about my past due gas account. I asked what account he was talking about, he said Washington Gas, I said oh ok what about it, he said we are past due oh, ok, how far behind...
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    Xbox One

    my husband has one reserved he is going to pick up today for our son, and I was just able to order a bundle for him. I was surprised I was able to order, Walmart sold out before I could purchase but Newegg had them still. Both are going to be so surprised at Christmas! can you give me...
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    Found terrier in Clements

    sadly that dog is now at the pound :(
  13. dawn

    Found Min Pin -- Westbury

    Anyone know this beauty that was found in Westbury neighborhood in Lexington Park this morning?
  14. dawn

    Found terrier in Clements

    He apparently lives on long road. A person posted that someone came to them asking if they saw the dog and they lived on Long road as well. Hopefully his humans will find him.
  15. dawn

    Leah's House (Callaway) Needs Help Moving Shed

    Looks like they have help.
  16. dawn

    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    There are many of us that do appreciate what they do! I am one of them!! A big thank you to clvalley (might have spelled it wrong), your son, oldhilcrestguy and gigi for looking out for others!
  17. dawn

    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    Yep you are right, sorry....he does offer photos, I always thought it was for the the actual fire department, I always give every year and recognize him when he comes to the door. He does take the money and gives receipt each time. I haven't ever gotten anything in the mail from you guys...
  18. dawn

    Volunteer Fire and EMS fundraising

    Hughesville comes by every year door to door and it has been the same guy almost every year. He isnt in a "marked" car, so I guess he is in his personal car. I donate everytime. Maybe people are more opt to give money if they are actually standing there, versus waiting for the checks to...
  19. dawn

    Lost Golden Retriever/Wildewood Area

    They have also set up a facebook page for her.
  20. dawn

    Evergreen trash service

    Very deceptive. They tried the same saying on me about our HOA wants people to go with the same trash service to cut down on the amount of trucks in the neighborhood......we dont have an HOA! LOL Then had another guy come by and said a neighbor said if he could get 10 people to sign then...