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  1. joedancer

    First Friday in Leonardtown

    Come out and enjoy a great evening in Leonardtown. Walk around to the shops and restaurants and see what they have to offer. You can "taste" or "sample" these great businesses and why they are so special. Restaurants, Retail, Fitness, Art Galleries and so much more. Higher Standards will be...
  2. joedancer

    ISO Information Loud bang in downtown Leonardtown

    I was downtown yesterday and heard an extremely loud bang at around 8:30 am. Loud enough for people to come out of businesses to see what happened. Anyone hear it?
  3. joedancer

    my beloved cockatiel, Phoebe, passed away

    I would love to find a cockatiel. I am so distraught, as Phoebe was 18 years old, and passed away in my arms two days ago. Please contact me. 240-298-6980 Joe
  4. joedancer

    Anyone use Affordable Refuse & Recycling?

    Getting very tired of Waste Management for a variety of reasons. We produce more recyclable waste than garbage and Affordable picks up both once a week in one container for half of what we pay Waste Management. I checked Angie's List and there are no reviews. So I am asking you folks for any...
  5. joedancer

    Solar energy companies?

    Hi, I am looking at putting solar panels on our roof. I would like to hear from others that have done this, which company you chose and whether you leased or bought. So far, I have spoken to Solar City and looking into Sungevity. Thanks in advance. Joe
  6. joedancer

    Loud boom around 5:00 AM Monday morning, Dec. 31

    I live in Breton Bay and the boom was so loud, I thought my wife fell out of bed upstairs. Anyone hear it? Anyone know what it was? Joe
  7. joedancer

    First Friday in Leonardtown!

    Friday, September 7 from 5-8! Should be a nice night out. See Leonardtown First Fridays for more info or my best, Joe
  8. joedancer

    Beach Party in Leonardtown today 4-9!

    Hope to see you all today!
  9. joedancer

    Looking for a good roofer

    Hi, I am looking for someone to do some work on my business roof. Someone reliable. Must be licensed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Joe
  10. joedancer

    what happened Exxon/KFC route 5 and Newtowne Neck?

    Looked like four ambulance and four fire trucks there this morning. This is in Leonardtown, across from the CVS? I didn't see any smoke, but ladder was propped up against the KFC.
  11. joedancer

    What happened last night on Newtown Neck/Bull Rd

    Driving home and there were cops and several cars on both roads. Lots of folks about. It did not look like there was an accident. This was around 8:45 PM. Anyone know? thanks, Joe
  12. joedancer

    Does anyone know what this is?

    I posted this in another forum, but realized this is the better place to ask. These are all over a juniper behind my shop. Very strange looking. Some kind of fungus?
  13. joedancer

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Just saw this in a juniper behind my shop. I took one down off the tree. It is really strange looking. thanks, Joe
  14. joedancer

    Robberies up in St. Mary's County?

    I heard from a friend that there have been quite a few home robberies in the county over the last month or so. I haven't seen anything about this, and my friend told me she asked Tim Cameron about it and why folks are not being made aware of it. He had no answer. Robberies in Leonardtown...
  15. joedancer

    House full of dead flies!

    I have about twenty dead flies a day! Where are they coming from? Anyone else?
  16. joedancer

    Low cost Rabies Clinic tonight, Monday, July 11

    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at the St Mary's County Fairgrounds. $10 per pet. See the somd calendar for more info. thanks, Joe
  17. joedancer

    Skunk in crawl space

    I need help! Apparently we have skunk living in the crawl space under our living room. We have a basement under the rest of the house, and the crawl space does open into it, but we have it blocked off. We have a live trap outside where we think he is getting in and out. We have tried cotton...
  18. joedancer

    New Vision trash pickup?

    I noticed this company's trucks and some folks in Breton Bay are using them. Anyone here use them? Are you pleased? I am really tired of Waste Management. thanks, Joe
  19. joedancer

    Looking for teacup chihuahua from reputable seller

    Hi, I did see the two ads in the classified. I have tried contacting one of them three times, but there is no reply. The other I am not interested in for other reasons. If you know of anyone, please let me know by private message if possible. thanks so much, Joe
  20. joedancer

    Veteran's Day Parade today

    Downtown Leonardtown. Starts at 10:00 AM. See the calendar for more details.