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  1. greyhound


    Is there a bookstore in wildwood?
  2. greyhound


    Was it the Storm or was it the cold front?
  3. greyhound


    Was it the storm or the cold front?
  4. greyhound

    Is it a test?

    Siren going off for the plant...hope it's a test!
  5. greyhound

    What happened

    to the forum member with the avatar of a puppet mouth with teeth that opened and closed over and over.
  6. greyhound

    Here comes the sun

    The sun is out!
  7. greyhound


    I'm listening to the Calvert scanner. What is "Tack 3"?
  8. greyhound

    Baykat...whats going on?

    I just saw firetrucks and ambulances going down the road in the neighborhood. Do you know what's going on?
  9. greyhound


    Not a good day... Took a group of ballet dancers to see the Washington Ballet Studio Company perform at CSM in LaPata. Got there and the show was cancelled. We decided to go to the Royal Tea Room. I called and asked "when do you close" the person on the other end who sounded like was chomping...
  10. greyhound

    Good season

    Just got back from DC with the Ballerina. It's been a great audition season for her. One more to go and decisions to be made!
  11. greyhound

    Rt 4 North Bound lanes

    What was going on Rt 4 North bound lanes across from KenMar liquors, 4:30-5:00ish? They had North bound lanes closed, 3 fire trucks. I could see a red, late model camero (?). Lots of smoke.
  12. greyhound

    PF Changs

    Had dinner at PF Changs in Parole last night. Has anyone else eaten there and what were your thoughts?
  13. greyhound

    Wear RED today

    Don't forget to wear red today. Go Red For Women
  14. greyhound


    Anyone remember when WAVA was a rock station. They were DC 101's biggest competion for listeners. "America's Best Rock"
  15. greyhound


    I've never really liked Bruce:ohwell:
  16. greyhound

    Whats going on in PF?

    lots of police cars and two ambulances at the PF Safeway
  17. greyhound

    Has anyone

    seen snow yet? Calvert is treating the roads right now. NWS has 70% chance and 1 inch of snow for today and 1/2 inch tonight as well as tomorrow.
  18. greyhound

    Need opinions

    I'm looking for a great cardiologist. My friends and family have given me opinions and they all recommend different drs. Who have you had great results with?
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  20. greyhound

    Bay Kat

    What's going on? I hear the SLVFD siren blaring.