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  1. DeeCee

    Lost/stolen black and white puppy

    Nardin has been found!!!! Thank you!
  2. DeeCee

    Death Investigation at Mt Zion Church Daycare St. Mary's Sheriff's Office PIO, Cara Grumbles, told The BayNet that a death investigation is being conducted at Mt. Zion Church on Mt. Zion Church Road in Mechanicsville. An officer told The BayNet that morning school at Mt. Zion...
  3. DeeCee

    Does anyone know what's going at Mt Zion daycare??

  4. DeeCee

    Second opinion following surgery...

    OK..maybe it's just me but I'm not happy with what i just heard... Background - I had ACL replacement surgery last year and a follow up surgery 8 weeks later because the knee 'clunked' from day one following surgery and didn't responding well to PT. Doc said nothing was actually 'done' to fix...
  5. DeeCee

    HELP! 2 tiny Chihuahuas missing in the Ranch Club

    My daughter's 2 female chi's slipped out the gate yesterday afternoon in the area of Crazy Horse Drive. One is brown and white spotted and one is an odd grey color, both are very small. Her room mate's 6 year old disabled daughter is devastated, they are her constant companions. PLEASE...
  6. DeeCee

    Wanted: Super over sized draft horse shoes...

    Any idea where i can go to get them for free - the bigger the better. I want them for stained glass projects. Used, worn and rusty is fine. :biggrin: Thanks!
  7. DeeCee

    Who wants her??

    Classified Ad#24068 in the FREEBIES section: Please help me, i need a caring family to take in my baby girl. I don't care if you are...
  8. DeeCee

    Land For Sale By Owner hints?

    We have a couple of buildable lots we'd like to sell and I'm considering trying to sell them myself first, rather than listing with a Realtor. Anyone (who isn't a REALTOR :lol:) have any inside information on the best or most efficient way to go about doing that?
  9. DeeCee

    2 Adult Rottweilers available

    We are placing two adult, AKC registered, well bred Rottweilers in loving, forever PET homes - $350.00 adoption fee per dog. Wisdom is a LARGE (a solid 180 lb) Serbian import male (with a tail) and Sulley is a medium sized female (docked) - both must be neutered/spayed immediately upon...
  10. DeeCee

    Round Bale Hay for sale

    50 Round bales of orchard grass mixed hay, barn kept, no mold or dust, tightly packed, net wrapped - 2nd cutting from last season. 1 - 5 bales - $30.00 each 6+ bales - $25.00 each Located south of Pax River - schedule a pick up or can be delivered for fuel charge, based on trip. Ad...
  11. DeeCee

    Round Bale Hay for sale

    ~800 lb Round bale hay - $35.00 p/bale - orchard grass mix, barn kept, no mold or dust, net wrapped, 2nd cutting from last season. Scheduled pick up or delivered for fuel charge based on trip. Ad #54020 in the classifieds
  12. DeeCee

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 crashed in Indian Ocean (Reuters) - Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared over two weeks ago en route to Beijing, crashed thousands of miles away in the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak...
  13. DeeCee

    You Really Need To Know More...

    About Equine Ulcers The cost/availability of good quality hay in our area makes many horse owners feed way too much grain/sweet feed. In reality, MORE hay, even stemmy/coarse hay, is 100% better for your horse than grain/sweet feed. Even though the vet who wrote the info below recommends...
  14. DeeCee

    TDRs in St Mary's County

    Does anyone know what they are selling for right now? Any projects that need them?
  15. DeeCee

    self care boarding?

    I've never done it so what makes a good facility good? What is the average monthly price for this area, is there even a need for it in this economy? a stall in barn vs a run in in the field separate paddock for one or two horses vs several in a field how is hay typically provided...
  16. DeeCee

    Alfalfa hay?

    Does anybody know where I can get 10-15 bales of alfalfa or alfalfa mix hay? The bale I just bought from the Henyard cost me $21.00...UG...
  17. DeeCee

    American Woodcocks!

    I got lucky yesterday when i walked right into a flock of American Woodcocks! The American Woodcock - YouTube You can barely see one in my picture, but he's there. :) They have this adorable little warble/bouncy sort of movement.
  18. DeeCee

    Need help finding a Mega Bloks kit

    My grandson has wanted the Mega Bloks Halo UNSC Elephant (96942) for two years. I found it at Toys R Us for $114.99 (yikes!) and several other places for way higher (!!YIKES!!!) can anyone help me find it on sale or a promo coupon that brings it into reasonable price range? :popcorn:
  19. DeeCee

    No Smow tread?

    NWS Sterling, VA - Winter Storm :yahoo: Even if it IS only a couple of inches for us, I'm planning to wear my jammies inside out to make it so.
  20. DeeCee

    Looking for a Sherpa type Dog carrier

    Bought one... :buddies: