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  1. drivingdaisy

    Insulation Itchiness

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with itchiness from insulation? I've read cold showers followed by hot, baking soda, lotions. Any other ideas? Husband must have rolled around in it pretty good today at work he is all :cds::dead::jameo:
  2. drivingdaisy

    Spit Up

    My dear little bug just did one of his more fantastic spit ups. It hit the back of the couch, the couch cushions, and went down my back and into my pants. Spit up babies are so much fun.
  3. drivingdaisy

    Last Day (and hour of work)

    :yahoo::dye::starcat::bann: And to make it the best I got a phone call from someone named Rhonda.
  4. drivingdaisy

    Does telemarketing ever work?

    I've been temping answering phones at a small business lately and I cannot believe all the crap calls (sales calls) that they get. Ugh. Do companies ever decide to go with the health insurance someone called to tell them about? Or the delivery services etc etc etc? Wouldn't not paying sales...
  5. drivingdaisy

    Coffee cups names/messages/drawings

    Funny coffee cup messages from baristas I don't go to starbucks, but I would enjoy a fun message in the morning.
  6. drivingdaisy

    A whoops

    If You’re Going To Include Yourself In eBay Photos, Make Sure You’re Not Naked Seriously who stands around bottom half naked taking pictures.
  7. drivingdaisy

    Favorite Apps

    What are your favorite time killing apps for your phone or tablet? Since I'm going to be spending a lot of time at the doctor's office lately I want something to do while waiting in the waiting room.
  8. drivingdaisy

    Why are younger sisters more attractive?

    I saw this question online and no one really answered it, but do you think it is true? Any examples youv'e seen or know of to support or disprove this theory? Obviously youth can make looks better, but it seemed that people wanted look beyond that.
  9. drivingdaisy

    How many bags to the hospital?

    I've been thinking about my hospital bag for when it is time for baby to come. I have a SERIOUS packing problem. I can fill my SUV up just to visit my parents for a few days (granted that does include the dog and usually the husband). I have a similar mental image for the trip to the hospital...
  10. drivingdaisy

    MIL Christmas Ideas???

    Anyone have any gift ideas for my MIL? She's hard to shop for since she buys herself whatever she wants and is very opinionated. She likes gardening (decorative/flowers, not vegetable), but she already has tons of that stuff. She was collecting blue and white ball decoration things, but the...
  11. drivingdaisy

    Why do my ribs hurt

    I'm 27 weeks pregnant and my right ribs hurt. I think it is to early for baby parts to be poking. Could it be something else? Any ideas? Or is it baby?
  12. drivingdaisy

    Looking for "mini buildings"

    I have no idea what these are actually called so I will describe them and hope someone can help me. I'm looking for the rectangular (thin/flat-ish) wood painted replicas of buildings in St. Mary's County. I have no idea what these are called or where to find them. Help is appreciated. :confused:
  13. drivingdaisy


    Maybe I missed it, but I can't believe no one mentioned that St. Mary's County was on a clue on Jeopardy last night. I was very excited.
  14. drivingdaisy

    Negotiating Health Care Services

    Do any of you negotiate the cost of items or shop around for different Health Services? How do you do it? Does it work? (I used to have much better insurance while I was teaching so I never really paid much attention to the cost of things, but now that I have a deductible I am paying more...
  15. drivingdaisy

    Pregnancy-Early baby movements

    Dear moms, What did your early baby movements feel like?
  16. drivingdaisy

    Oct 6 SMR Blaine Whorl Mem. 5K

    On Saturday, October 6, 2012: St. Mary's Ryken Blaine Whorl Memorial 5K Run/Walk St. Mary's Ryken High School: Blaine Whorl Memorial 5K Run
  17. drivingdaisy

    Excuse all my extra chatting this week

    I'm filling in for someone who has gone on vacation and all I have to really do is answer phones. I get a little bored. I'm actually looking forward to my husband's doctor appointment tomorrow. It's bad that I know that I have 1 hour and 50 minutes left.
  18. drivingdaisy

    Hot Peppers

    I cut up a habanero to spice up my fajitas tonight. Even though I didn't use my fingernails to remove seeds and I washed/scrubbed my hands and under my fingernails with a brush my eye still is on fire from when I touched it. I like spicy food and I use peppers from our garden all the time and...
  19. drivingdaisy

    I miss being a kid for the birthdays

    Sometimes growing up sucks some. It used to be I would wake up get a birthday breakfast treat, maybe get to go to school late, have a treat at school (cupcakes or donuts for everyone), or when I was older get flowers at school or home, have special birthday dinners at least twice, and as I got...
  20. drivingdaisy

    Restaurant Idea

    Any suggestions on where to go with my family for my 30th birthday? Could be anywhere from 8-20 of us. We will be in St. Mary's, but I don't mind a little bit of a drive (especially since I'm knocked up and won't be drinking). Something fun, but not fancy. And I love Mexican, but my grandfather...