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    So do you think we will get some?

    I bet we get nothing or maybe a dusting
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    Medical Error & Accountability

    i went to the doctors 2 weeks ago for a problem to be rechecked from going to urgent care as my doctor made an excuse of why she couldn't stay a tad bit longer for me to be seen at first. I went back to her as i needed more medication. I went in and she was like you don't need anything. I...
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    Bayshore Eyecare

    we got our glasses done from the eye care place in leonardtown that is part of bayshore eyecare and that shop does a good job and they have a nice selection of glasses.
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    Back PAIN

    why not go to a doctor who specializes in the back? I did and found out i have 4 bulging discs as he sent me for an mri. I also have arthritis in my back too which at times is a pain to deal with. I can recommend a good back doctor but u will have to travel all the way to baltimore. I went...
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    they have a vaccine for the shingles sweet16. They don't let most people get it til they are in there 60's though
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    sweet16 its very painful..I can understand your roomie in college crying from it. Nothing like feeling like your being zapped when you touch certain spots and in constant pain in more than 1 area (for me its my scalp and my mouth so far i just hope it doesn't pop up in other places as i am in a...
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    i hope not myself as this is very painful. now this am i woke up with it in my mouth wonder where else its going to show up.
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    yes they gave me antiviral meds (a strong dose) and the np was going to put me on tramadol but i already been on that med and knew it wouldn't work for me so i am just taking extra strength tylenol for the pain. I probably will have to call back today as i now have them in my mouth ugh..
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    its a 1x vaccine no boosters needed
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    I myself was just diagnosed with the shingles today I have them in my scalp the worst place to have them for trying to sleep or brush hair or anything touching the head. The constant excruciatiing pain also sucks too. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. I just hope it doesn't continue to...
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    Looking for super large dog kennel

    chasey your new baby is very pretty i like the markings :)
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    Looking for super large dog kennel

    I can tell u what i go through for my almost 120lb saint i go through a 23.5lb of dog food in about 3 weeks but i am just feeding her and that is it.
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    Dogs at the dump...

    mine gets to go to my moms and other places with us so she doesn't always assume shes getting in the car to go to the vet or she wouldn't get in at all as she hates going to the vet...she starts shaking when we pull into the area the vets office is in poor pooch :(.
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    Another Dog!!

    well if there pitbull puppy gets loose and attacks your dog guess what they will get slapped with a fine of 250.00 and pay your dogs vet bills (give them to the animal warden for them to give to the neighbor and if they don't pay them you can take them to court if u want to) or they might take...
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    Giant in California

    they also switched there isles around and the fruits and veggies have all been redone in arrangement. they also redid the freezer section and i also think they added some more new stuff as everytime i go down and isle i find different things
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    trails end is a pet sitter who comes to your house to care for apollo. better to keep him in his home setting instead of stressing him out sticking him in a kennel. I bet they will come as many times a day as you want them to and they will stay the night with him too in your home if you want...
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    Selling kids stuff

    you should hold onto that stuff incase you decide later down the road to have another does need a brother or sister so he doesn't have to be alone all the time with nobody to play with when u get older and can't play ball or any of that atleast he will have someone to play ball with...
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    How much money have you spent on your pet?

    i think every year when it comes time for shots and getting heartworm meds all in the same visit i think i pay for one of my vets plane tickets for them to go on vacation. I think one year I also paid part of the money for them to do some upgrades in the back area of the vets office. Luckily i...
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    another small dog needing a home - Bella

    Yeah I bet you will probably need a tranquilizer once you get the bill cause when i went for just bloodwork in there lab that bill was over 300.00 with health insurance paying there part. I am glad u are getting some lab work done soon..Hope it gives u some answers and i hope you start to...
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    another small dog needing a home - Bella

    arkie maybe its time you go to your family doctor and get them to check into it further than the er did with just telling u its a kidney stone. maybe its something else going on too that they didn't catch in the er.