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    Farm Works

    Looking for your pasture cleaned, fence lines sprayed? Mowing, spraying, seeding, fertilizing, etc. Will also offer custom haying on your property. Free estimates and references available. Call, text or PM me anytime 240 538 8973. Southern Maryland, St Marys County area.
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    Small Al welding job

    if your still needing this, I live in Hollywood and have a tig welder.
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    Hunting Club

    PM sent. Thanks.
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    Headshot Productions

    sorry as much as id love to be able to sell products and what not, I figured I should first try to get my name out there..alot of people probably wouldn't spend Money on a dvd or anything for that matter that they know nothing about lol. but sorry if I came off mean, I didn't mean it for that
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    Headshot Productions

    hank if you don't have anything decent or worth saying, do us and everyone a favor and keep quiet, last thing anyone wants is another duramax diesel d bag thread. my friends and I work hard on our videos and our page, and guess what, we all work our butts off full time with normal jobs, and...
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    Seeking Permission for Coyote Hunting

    just cuz no one will probably believe me, here are some more [/ATTACH][/ATTACH] and another rumor..snakeheads do exist...and ive caught many around here in st marys county.
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    Seeking Permission for Coyote Hunting

    that coyote that was mentioned from just south of Leonardtown, was killed by my father, while bow hunting for deer. We just got it back the other day, since it was the first coyote killed in st marys county, we had it mounted.. here are some pictures anyone can feel free to check...
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    Headshot Productions

    we here at headshot productions do it all, we're out of st marys county md... We're not big, we do this for fun and to share the passion we all have for hunting and fishing.. here is just a quick clip from the duck hunting footage from the last two days of last years season... Check us out on...