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  1. luvmygdaughters

    Did You Vote Today?

    Sure did! I wasn't going to do the mail in ballot thing, instead I would go to Hollywood Firehouse. Driving home from work Tuesday, I forgot about it, walk in the house and hubs says "Wow, you made good time, thought you'd be later since you stopped to vote". I immediately said :doh: Shiat...
  2. luvmygdaughters

    Musical lyrics, country/rock

    Sure is hot today, cant find a bit of shade Ice cold sweet tea, convinces me, I got it made. Sitting in my mama's old pickup, times getting lean Started selling maters, to buy me some new jeans. my mans got to sell his hog, its gotten too fat Now he can buy his daddy that new cowboy hat. Well...
  3. luvmygdaughters

    Another new restaurant?

    The one in La Plata is still open, which amazes me. The food is nothing special and prices are too high for the quality of food. Hmmm...not sure about you definition of "Family Friendly" restaurants. :whistle::lmao:
  4. luvmygdaughters

    Another new restaurant?

  5. luvmygdaughters

    Another new restaurant?

    :yawn: Another chain, mediocre, overpriced, burger joint. I want an authentic Italian that too much to ask????:sshrug:
  6. luvmygdaughters

    Local Peaceful March?

    THis is the link for the Charles County today.
  7. luvmygdaughters

    Local Peaceful March?

    Which facebook page, if you dont mind answering, I heard there was one planned for Wednesday night in Leonardtown. Thanks.
  8. luvmygdaughters

    Serious question:

    Has anyone heard of the planned peaceful protest scheduled for 5 PM in La Plata tonight? Also heard there is one scheduled for Leonardtown on Wednesday night.
  9. luvmygdaughters

    Happy Birthday Gilligan

    Happy Belated Birthday Gilligan!!! Sorry I missed it, not on the forums much during the weekends. Hope you enjoyed appropriately and safely!! :bday::buddies:
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    I dont panic buy. But, I am so tired of going to the grocery store on a weekly basis and not seeing toilet paper on the shelves. I saw Wallyworld had it online so I bought enough to last us for a couple of months, plus, I have two daughters and two granddaughters, so if they need any, Momma got...
  11. luvmygdaughters

    Minneapolis Cop kneels on man's neck; man dies

    Would this have made the news if it was a white person killed by the police? I am in no way defending the cops who did this, but, the media pushes the racial agenda as far as they can. What about the black cop, I believe it was in PG county, who shot the guy handcuffed in his backseat 4...
  12. luvmygdaughters

    The babies

    :sshrug: Cannot, for the life of me, figure out why people do not get their pets spade or neutered.
  13. luvmygdaughters

    The babies

    When I was a kid, my older sister brought home a persian kitten that someone was giving away. We named her Cleo and she was beautiful, but, she only wanted to be held and loved on when she was in the mood. If you tried picking her up when she didn't want to be held...she'd let you know it!!
  14. luvmygdaughters

    The babies

    Awwwww, they are so damn cute!!!!!!
  15. luvmygdaughters


    Ordered two 12 packs of Northern, couldn't get Charmin, from Walmart, it was here in two days.
  16. luvmygdaughters

    Phase I, reopening ?

    I've always had mutts, since I was a kid. Never had a problem with a mutt and they seem to live longer. My shepherd mix, Nikki, lived to be 18 years old. I now have a shepherd boxer mix, Captn. Morgan, she is almost 13 years old. Not saying anything against purebreds, just my observation.
  17. luvmygdaughters

    Phase I, reopening ?

    Double Cuteness!!
  18. luvmygdaughters

    What's something that got ruined after (because) it became popular?

    Pay Television. I am talking about the old days of cable, you paid to have tv so you didnt have to watch commercials and you had several channels to pick from.
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    Smokey Joe’s Restaurant Closes Their Doors in Lexington Park, and Reopens in Leonardtown

    Boomerangs, for some reason has been hit or miss, in my opinion. Used to be one of my favorites for ribs and pulled pork. Haven't been back in a while. The last time I was there (may have been almost a year ago) it was awful. My daughter and granddaughter went there for carry out a couple of...
  20. luvmygdaughters

    Happy Birthday @warneckutz

    Happy Birthday Warneckutz!! :bday: