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  1. sanchezf

    Utah Concealed Carry class in La Plata on 1/10/15

    So basically my understanding if you take this class although you can not carry in MD you can carry in the other 31 states at any time?
  2. sanchezf

    FedEx is the worst

    I also leave a note on my door to leave package on front porch with signature and they have always taken note as proof and left package
  3. sanchezf

    Local place to get fresh berries?

    Shalgel farm in waldorf off Mattowoman beantown rd is a PYO strawberry farm as well.
  4. sanchezf

    Spay Vouchers

    The Spot now only gives spay vouchers to Calvert County Residents only...
  5. sanchezf

    Spay Vouchers

    Yep in St. Marys. Thank you though :)
  6. sanchezf

    Spay Vouchers

    Thanks ill check out both :)
  7. sanchezf

    Spay Vouchers

    Anybody know of any places doing spay vouchers for dogs ?
  8. sanchezf

    Finding smaller clothes

    Express/NY Company is the only place I can find dress pants in size 2 long that fit and look nice.
  9. sanchezf

    New Year's Eve Car Service

    Legacy limo in hugesville MD
  10. sanchezf

    Ring Engraving?

    Yes it is absolutely stunning. I would love to have a ring like that :)
  11. sanchezf

    Ring Engraving?

    Thank you very much.
  12. sanchezf

    Ring Engraving?

    Where did you have your ring made?
  13. sanchezf

    Stuffed ham portions...

    That would be amazing please share when you get the secret recipe :)
  14. sanchezf

    Stuffed ham portions...

    Do you have a recipe for stuffed ham soup ?
  15. sanchezf

    Need Some Opinions

    I bought my so some glasses (look like sunglasses) from Walmart that film all his hunts. He absolutley loves them. He does take the lenses out and just wears the frame says the lense get in the way of the scope but the camera is in the middle of the frames so it works. Hunter's Specialties...
  16. sanchezf

    Missing Woman - Mechanicsville

    Where did you hear that?
  17. sanchezf

    Noodles and Company

    LOL Its Baby Portabella mushrooms with a white truffle oil and parmesan cheese. I added parmesan crusted chicken to mine. mmmm good
  18. sanchezf

    Noodles and Company

    The Truffle Mac is outstanding
  19. sanchezf

    Gel Nails - pink and white

    Thank you me too, my nail guy is always trying to get me to use a different color but it looks so nice :) They are my nails with the acrylic/gel over top. When I first started I had to get tips then as they grew out they become just yours with no tips. So I still get them filled every two...