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    Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a good one:buddies:
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    next overnight trail

    :howdy: There are a couple of stalls left and 1 camping pad (I think). If you are interested go to Welcome to SMTR's Homepage and the ride flyer will give you the contact info.
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    Horse Science School

    I don't know if it will help but Laura G is coming and her Grandmother plans on being there all week. Maybe she can pick up the slack since your Mom will be away.
  4. mygoldnhorse

    Horse Science School

    Thank you for your offer that is so generous, we would love to have you!
  5. mygoldnhorse

    Horse Science School

    That is an awesome idea. We really need some new ideas. Hopefully you will not be away and if not could you instruct the class???
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    Until today when it became 94.7 "Fresh". You talk about something that sucks! No more classic rock. That station was the best and now it sounds just like all the other bs stations.
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    SMTR Easter Ride

    I did not realise we did not post the flyer for tomorrows ride. Sorry for the late notice but I hope you can make it!
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    anyone want 2 red roosters

    Fried Chicken... :killingme
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    I need a place to ride in So Md Calvert

    Thank You I will give him a call and see if we can work somthing out.
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    AFJROTC Drill Comp go girl!
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    I need a place to ride in So Md Calvert

    :howdy: I have never ridden the trails off Smoky Road but have heard of them. SMTR would really love to find a place in Calvert County to ride. If you know of anyone that might have some property and want to host a trail ride please let me know. We have a couple of new things working in...
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    SMTR Dinner Dance is FAST approaching!

    Thanks for coming it was great to see you and your hubby out.
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    Horse Tile Mural

    That is awesome! Thanks for posting it.
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    SMTR True Grit Ride Sunday Dec 14, 08

    I'll be there...can't wait! Good news.... ALL Ride Proceeds will go to the Tri County Youth Services:yahoo: I hope the ride turn out is good so that we raise alot of money for them.
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    calling all horse peeps

  16. mygoldnhorse

    calling all horse peeps

    Of Course we will help. Do you already have boxes? Tell D to call K and they can set something up to bring the horse trailer over. Hopefully things go well with the contract tonight.
  17. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR Judged Ride Flyer Nov 9, 2008

    His girl friend said that the horse had always been pretty laid back so he was not expecting anything to happen just riding along...unlike your horse who always has you on your toes. (They had just seen me a few minutes before his accident) I was adding another marking ribbon and she was...
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    SMTR Judged Ride Flyer Nov 9, 2008

    If was a him, just 1 rider, and he is still in the hospital. He was close to the end where you go over the bridges and then come back to the trailers. He was riding with the reins down on the horses neck and got the map out to look at it and the horse went into a small buck and he fell...
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    SMTR Judged Ride Flyer Nov 9, 2008

    Sorry for all that you have been going through. Especially the situation with your Mom and heart goes out to you! Keep your chin up better days are just around the corner. I also hate winter so I feel your pain, but good news is that Spring will be here before we know it. I...
  20. mygoldnhorse

    Equestrian Colleges Neer By

    Ask Miss Sue. B had the chance to go to a college in Delaware on a pretty good scholarship, but turned it down:eyebrow:. They were just adding the western riding to their program. Chase your dream girl I have alot of confidence in you!