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  1. basher

    10-Year-Old Boy Says Carjackers Dropped Him Off, Told Him to 'Have a Good Day at School'

    it would've been a better story if they had actually dropped him off at school and said that
  2. basher

    Trump team floats tax on Mexican imports to fund border wall

    so will we let illegals in first, who we will pay to build the wall, before construction begins? if not, then we pay them and we are giving the money back to mexico....
  3. basher

    AT&T in SOMD

    ATT coverage is bad around the Wildewood area esp when I go to the movie theater. :snacks:
  4. basher

    Verizon Email

    Try clearning you history like GWguy suggested. If you don't want to do that you can just try logging in using another web browser. I usually use firefox, but when a page gives me problems, then I use Chrome or even reluctantly use Internet Explorer.
  5. basher

    Talk about things you hate the most.

    dem J. Witnesses and their Watchtowers :cds:
  6. basher

    Ufc 111

    BTW tugboat, I think Tito is gonna win this time :evil:
  7. basher

    Ufc 111

    GSP is not gonna fight Hardy standing up. I predict he'll get his back and choke him out. Mir will do the same to Carwin.
  8. basher

    Talk about things you hate the most.

    "5........5 DOLLA FOOT LONGGGG" song :dye:
  9. basher

    Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

    can I get OnStar installed in my Toyota to slow me down when the accelerator sticks
  10. basher

    Bank Robbery?

    I'm always afraid of getting mugged at the new NFCU ATM at night. That bank is too secluded and isn't well lit at night sometimes.
  11. basher

    Godzilla in Leonardtown was weird, I thought it was a sound coming out of the movie I was watching over my surround sound speakers.... btw, cute cat
  12. basher

    Godzilla in Leonardtown

    anyone else here the loud banging sounds in Leonardtown? sounds like Godzilla stomping....
  13. basher

    Lusby Mom Froze Kids

    Mom tells cops icy bodies in freezer are her kids -
  14. basher

    Arkansas Pulls Hundreds Of 'Racist' License Plates

  15. basher

    Severe T-Storm Watch

    not a cloud in the sky where i'm at on base
  16. basher

    Firefox GooglePreview Add-On

    By far the best add on for firefox, makes googling so much better it now!
  17. basher

    Who have Wii?

    you can play certain games online against other people, even your friends or family, you need their id number....son and I play mario kart can't talk to the other players though like you can on xbox live. you can also download the opera browser and surf the internet
  18. basher

    XBOX and Netflicks

    the ad on here, is this for real? Refurbished XBOX 360s
  19. basher


    NewEgg > TigerDirect > BestBuy I buy everything from NewEgg now, great review system, cheap shipping. If you're into building PCs, definitely the place to shop from.
  20. basher

    Cheap xbox 360 game suggestions?

    you can download a lot of game demos and even full versions of your old arcade classics.....for some Microsoft Points.....also you'll have to pay for the Xbox Live service, which is great if you like multiplayer games like CoD4