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  1. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR Easter Ride

    I did not realise we did not post the flyer for tomorrows ride. Sorry for the late notice but I hope you can make it!
  2. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR Saddle Up For St Jude

    Sunday, May 4th is almost here and I hope that you have been making your plans to come out and support St Jude Children's Cancer Research Hospital. There are 2 different ways to show your support. You can go to the link below and download a sponser form and ask friends and relatives to...
  3. mygoldnhorse

    Horse Science School

    June 16th - 19th The date has now been finalized. 50 Children ages 8 through 18 from the Southern MD area will have 4 fun filled days of the best time ever spent with their horses. This event takes some 40 volunteers that are willing to devote some time and give something meaningful to...
  4. mygoldnhorse

    Hey Paso guess what I have???

    YOUR GUM BALLS Stephanie brought them to me last night. I asked her how many were in there and she said 749. So you will be in bubble gum heaven. I can bring them by to you tomorrow morning around 11-ish if you'll be around.
  5. mygoldnhorse

    I need some new ideas

    I am so bored with the same ole dinners and need some ideas:whistle: During the Spring, Summer and Fall we spend alot of time outside with the horses in the evenings so dinners do not get too elaborate but when it gets cold out I like to make it up to my husband by getting creative and fixing...
  6. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR Judged Ride

    Thanks everyone for coming out and making the ride such a success. Big time congrats go out to :yahoo:2baymares who was the Grand Champion of the day and to flarenuphope who was the Reserve Champion. Congrats also to Giddyup, Paso, Percy, Horsesrock93, Rhinorider who were also winners...
  7. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR October 21st trailride

    This one is gonna be a BLAST! Hope to see you there......:howdy: Southern Maryland Trail Riders - Trail Ride Flyer
  8. mygoldnhorse

    Smtr Fall Pleasure Ride

    :howdy: SUNDAY at Skyview Farm. This trail ride is a great one for all riders. This is a beautiful private farm and we have a rare opportunity to ride there. See ya there! And BTW Don't forget your helmets...cause they are required :razz:. Click
  9. mygoldnhorse

    Smtr Twilight Ride

    This saturday evening come out and join us for the ride of the summer!
  10. mygoldnhorse

    Pinks All Out

    MIR Racing presents PINKS ALL OUT Saturday, June 9, 2007 Rich Christensen and Team PINKS will select 16 killer racers to compete for an $18,000 Heads-Up, Run-What-Ya-Brung, Let’s-Get-Ugly, Shootout, Showdown! Tonight is the pre-quals. Should be some really nice cars showing up. I...
  11. mygoldnhorse

    Big Dogs Paradise

    Hey does anyone know what's up at BDP? :shrug: Its pretty dark around there and appears to be closed alot.
  12. mygoldnhorse

    Will this ever end

    I got a call at 6:30 this morning from Little Katie, my daughter best friend. She asked to speak to Brooke and I could tell she was crying. I asked her if she was okay and she burst out crying saying that Kilo had gotten out of her pasture and got hit by a car and she had died. Brooke and I...
  13. mygoldnhorse

    EHV-1 update

    Looks as though things are looking up for us! Check out the 3/2/2007 update. In my opinion its still worth doing your spring vaccinations now with a 5 way flu/rhino before show/trail riding season gets going...
  14. mygoldnhorse

    Happy Birthday Horsesrock93

    :diva: :bday: :bdaycake: I hope you have a great one.
  15. mygoldnhorse

    Paso check this out

    :howdy: I read the coolest thing about Llamas... I am worried though and hope that no harm will come to the Llamas.
  16. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR True Grit Ride

    :yahoo: Finally I just got the approval from St Mary's River Park that we can hold our True Grit ride at the Park. So on Sunday December 10th Mingiz & Pasofever will be hosting their 1st trail ride for SMTR. This is a great park for the last trail ride of the year. Hopefully it won't be too...
  17. mygoldnhorse

    SMTR Judged trail ride

    Get ready:clap: This Sunday the 19th SMTR will be holding their annual Fall Judged Trailride at Jug Bay. Bring your horse out and try the obstacles and see how you do. You will encounter 10 obstacles consisting of up/down hills, creek crossing, backing up, crossing logs, as well as others...
  18. mygoldnhorse

    Tommorrows ride at Maxwell Hall

    Happyappy what time do you plan on being at Maxwell Hall? I will be going by the tack swap in the morning and then I want to try to make it to the park by 11...but it may end up being more like 11:30/12. I need to talk to SAHRAB & Mylittlepony also to see what they are planning on getting...
  19. mygoldnhorse

    Ride'em cowgirl!!

    Maxwell Hall :yahoo: the ride is on for Saturday. 73 and sunny! What more could we ask for? Are we still going to tailgate afterward?
  20. mygoldnhorse

    Happy Birthday Percy

    :diva: :bday: I hope you have a great day :flowers: