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    Just because (I'm in a boring teleconference), I tried "058 new cases" in google search. Came back with over 18,000,000 results. All on the first page had 058 new cases somewhere in either the title or description.
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    House Passes DC Statehood Bill On A Party Line Vote

    The simple answer - kick everyone out of the city. the only residents of DC should be those who are duly elected by their jurisdictional electorate. Anybody else who wants to work there, should live in a real state. Keep all the federal buildings needed to keep our government working...
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    Happy Birthday Makavide

    thank you :)
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    Completion of the school year

    SMCPS letter posted yesterday after Gov Hogan announced Maryland schools to remain closed till April 24th. called March 25 2020 letter. Synopsis - next week teachers learn how to work online after that, some laptops available if needed -...
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    Anyone else notice this?

    Some analysis of the raw numbers the John Hopkins site is reporting:
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    The GOP's coronavirus relief package is a dream for big corporations and a nightmare for struggling Americans

    From your opinion piece, this paragraph makes no sense... If you make less than $75,000 you will get $1,200. If you pay less in taxes, you probably make less than $75,000 - which means you will get the $1,200.
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    I'm comin' home, I've done my time...

    Because it is based on a story of a Union Soldier returning home from Andersonville?
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    Senate passes coronavirus relief plan to expand paid leave, sends it to Trump

    Actually it passed the House Saturday morning, but had to be brought back to the House floor Monday evening for administrative corrections. So the Senate took maybe a day and a half. But hey, no use splitting hairs over it, right? You will use your "truth" and others will use theirs...
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    Trump delays release of economic package

    no, you are saying if we tested more people, we should have more cases then Italy. Which, if true, we should have more deaths as well - but we don't.
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    Trump delays release of economic package

    Got it! :) so because of testing no more than 827 people have died, in Italy, because of Covid-19. But because the US isn't testing the 31 confirmed deaths as of now is totally wrong and should be in the thousands?
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    Trump delays release of economic package

    just wondering why Italy has over 10,000 cases of Covid-19 when their first case was on January 31st and the United States has a little over 1,000 cases when our first case was ten days earlier?
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    Homemade sausage and gravy and canned biscuits

    Homemade Sausage Gravy Saute1 pound jimmy dean country mild sausage and 1 pound jimmy dean sage sausage add 4 tablespoons flour add pepper to taste stir together then again, add 4 tablespoons flour add pepper to taste stir together stir in upto 5 cups milk (1 cup at a time) to boiling between...
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    Just wondering why the difference? United States first detected case January 21st, currently 1,101 Italy first detected case January 31st, currently 10,149
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    What's so special about the Princess Bride movie?

    The Princess Bride is showing on AMC at 11:55am today (Sunday)
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    Friday, February 21st

    So how deep a hole do you dig, before you drop the oyster seed in? (asking for mike)
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    NYPD lied about national security to get journalist info

    Truthfully, I can not understand why the NYPD would reference "cable operators". I have not looked into the legal designations of Twitter or if they have been designated as a "Cable Operator" in other areas of New York law. I was just commenting that just because the Patriot Act is cited...
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    NYPD lied about national security to get journalist info

    Because it makes so much sense to use section 211 of PL 107-56:
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    NYPD lied about national security to get journalist info

    or they could have just been referencing 47 U.S. Code § 551 Protection of subscriber privacy, as amended by Public Law 107-56 Title II Section 211. Because in reality, the Patriot Act primarily amended other laws already on the books. So just...
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    5 big takeaways from Trump’s ‘phase one’ China trade deal

    Seems the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal feels that phase one is "welcome economic news." A U.S.-China Trade Detente