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    Amish Grocery Store Question

    on Glock Place? Do they make Glock guns?
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    King George Fall Festival

    I was sorry when KG high school stopped hosting their annual, toy tractor/ toy farm equipment expo.
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    Don't worry -- this guy has the virus all under control
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    Chicfila at St Charles mall

    Chick Fil.A is planning to open a 3rd Waldorf location before too long.
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    Theft from Hardworking Youths

    I hate leaf blowers anyway.... They're useless, and annoyingly loud.... In public places I continually see public workers or hired men, walking all over, blowing the d****d things for long periods of time, when there is barely a single leaf in sight.... A total waste of taxpayers'...
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    Phase I, reopening ?

    By a vote of 3 - 2, Charles County commissioners voted this afternoon NOT to re-open. …. For one thing, they're afraid that restaurants, businesses, and churches in Waldorf would be deluged by Prince Georgians whose businesses are still closed. They voted 3 - 2 to re-open on May 29.
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    Phase I, reopening ?

    Charles County commissioners will meet and announce at 4:15 today (Thursday) their decision on whether to go along with, or postpone, the Governor's Phase-1 reopening of businesses and gatherings. The meeting will be shown on Cable channel #10 or #95, and on the commissioners website.
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    Census takers wanted: $26.50 /hour, work near home

    U.S. Census takers are apparently still needed, but act fast while the 4-day training classes are still offered. You knock on doors of people who have not returned their mail questionnaires. Hours are flexible, and work is close to home. Seems odd that...
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    Amusing post on Craigslist - PAX River

    Anyone know her? The map pinpoints her at NAS Pax River
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    in Hollywood - the Victorian Candle bed and breakfast ?

    Has anyone heard of this lodging in Hollywood, Md? Someone on another discussion website linked below, wants to stay there. The post below, includes a brand-new, short informational video on it, done for a TV program. Supposedly it was planned and built by an African couple, using...
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    Northern St. Mary's County

    What part of PG County is your job in , you need to be more specific ? Brandywine, or (hopefully not) Laurel, or somewhere in between? Sam Spade said "40 minutes, tops, to DC on an early bus" - perhaps only if you leave home around 4:30 a.m., and only if you get off at the first stop into D.C...
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    New speed cameras are being installed along Indian Head Highway

    The last sentence in the information sheet linked above, reads " SHA anticipates completion of the project by fall 2018." Good luck with that. The latest estimate is by December 2021. And for any of you on Facebook, there is a Facebook site with a whopping 5,200 members/ followers...
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    New speed cameras are being installed along Indian Head Highway

    The last sentence in the linked information sheet above, reads "SHA is expected to complete the project by fall 2018". Actually it's been pushed forward to December 2021. For any of you on Facebook, there's a Facebook site with a whopping 5,200 members/ followers called "NIGHTMARE ON 210"...
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    Hogan vetos bill pushed by Teachers Uniions.....

    Governor Ralph Northam, of Virginia, ("Dr. Dolittle" to detractors) signed two bills this week to limit suspensions of K-to-3rd graders to a maximum of 3 days, and of 4th- to-12-graders to a maximum of 45 days. Details are in the link below...
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    Balm'r Educashun

    How can there be thirty-nine high schools just in Baltimore City?? That's more than 2 times the number in D.C., (public, private, and charter) which has a similar size population.
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    House Air Duct cleaning

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says duct cleaning is not necessary, unless you have an allergy.
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    Election upset, town of La Plata

    No - the proposed Super WalMart was defeated by LaPlata town voters, about 3 years ago. It would have been built very close to the existing "Regular" WalMart, leaving the old existing building as an empty shell. However, a site outside of town limits is still theoretically possible, but there...
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    Election upset, town of La Plata

    On May 2, voters in La Plata elected a new (woman) Mayor, and 4 new Councilmen/women. Their background and platform are described here The candidates defeated all 4 previous male council members who had served with, and been supported by, elderly Mayor Roy Hale...
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    Greek Church

    There used to be a Saint George's Greek Orthodox in Brandywine, MD - but it closed in the 1990s. There is an Ethiopian Orthodox with a prominent dome, on southbound Route 5 by the Beltway (Camp Springs, MD).
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    Crime What's up with all of the APOSTROPHE PEOPLE being arrested in St. Mary's??

    The book "Freakanomics" by Malcolm Gladwell, told about a girl named "Temptress" -- (Her mother unfortunately had copied, but misspelled the child actress's name "Tempestt Bledsoe" of the Cosby Show). Sure enough, "Temptress" grew up to be promiscuous and rebellious.