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  1. krate

    I will do it if no one else gives a response!

    I will do it if no one else gives a response!
  2. krate

    I could use some advice / help please

    It sounds like the eject button is stuck. Try pushing the button in and pop it out when you let it go. Can of anti-static air could clean it up and get it in working order.
  3. krate

    DUI Sentencing/Ruling

    Advice Hi, Try to understand that no one want's to see anyone get injured or worse. I understand that, under the condition of being arristed for the first time, and that she realize's how lucky she was that she was pulled over before somebody got injured or worse. Just the thought of Jail...
  4. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Thank's Thank's for the helpful information and pointing out the checker! I should have my :buttkick: for what I say sometime's.
  5. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Greatness! I did get the correction originally posted and brilliantly done by Camily. Why do people like you sit back and feed off other people like some spellcheck gangmember ? I said I was in need of a spellchecker (due to eyesight injury mostly) and was in the process of searching for...
  6. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Language It's not as if I crossed over a border illegally and can't speak the English language. Subject is about stealing! Ebonics was created so that kid's could talk in a way that only each other could understand. A.D.D. on the other hand is a illness that disable's one's ability to...
  7. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Site vs. sight Site = Location Sight = Vision Your good! And I was going to download the spellchecker yesterday and now I am. Thank's
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    Cellphone thief?

    Sorry! It was a mechanical thing! You know..mind over matter. I had people asking me to help them since they couldn't get in there locker. Yea, it felt good to impress the ladies. That alway's come's after defeating a monster. Sorry about the chick thing!
  9. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Cellphones I am not sure but I think it is (Out of Site, Out of Mind) based on if the Teacher's don't see or hear you using, then they don't mind that you have them. I try to pass on what I feel will benefit my kid's and I thought I had mentioned to not leave valuables in a public locker's...
  10. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    Cellphones I believe that if you say you lost something to the police, and that they go through with coming out to get all the info., then The police feel that the property that you reported would be valuable enough to investigate. These phones are valuable and not to mention the damage a...
  11. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    As it turned out, my Daughter was after school for her softball practice and had given the key to her locker to the coach during the practice. She had used her phone directly before she placed it in her purse and then locked it up. When she returned to get her belongings, her purse was emptied...
  12. krate

    Please, Please, Please!!!

    Friends Friend's sure are hard to find these day's!
  13. krate

    dermatologist or ophthalmologist???

    ophthalmologist or dermatologist I have found that ophthalmologist only know what is concerning your sight or inside your eye. I would say a dermatologist
  14. krate

    Found Dogs

    If you lost your Shepard and/or Golden Reriever and want them, come get them.just north of End of willows rd on 5, look for sign on post in our yard. Krate. Found the owners and reunited them all in one day! I AM that good
  15. krate

    Found Dogs

    Well if you are the owner of and looking for a Shepard and Golden retriever in the area of Park Hall Md please contact me or see the sign on post at nearby end of Willows road. Thanks Dogs are happiy re-unitid with owners!
  16. krate

    Trouble at GMHS?

    I got the call today from my daughter I am sure that alot of parents got today concerned that they're life could be at risk. We are not dealing with children but with smart young adults that do not need to create a rumor just to skip school. If they wanted to, they would just leave. We know the...