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  1. krate

    Cellphone thief?

    As it turned out, my Daughter was after school for her softball practice and had given the key to her locker to the coach during the practice. She had used her phone directly before she placed it in her purse and then locked it up. When she returned to get her belongings, her purse was emptied...
  2. krate

    Found Dogs

    If you lost your Shepard and/or Golden Reriever and want them, come get them.just north of End of willows rd on 5, look for sign on post in our yard. Krate. Found the owners and reunited them all in one day! I AM that good
  3. krate

    Found Dogs

    Well if you are the owner of and looking for a Shepard and Golden retriever in the area of Park Hall Md please contact me or see the sign on post at nearby end of Willows road. Thanks Dogs are happiy re-unitid with owners!