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  1. rwethereyet

    Checking Internet Options

    We currently have DLS and after having many problems with connectivity in the past and their lack of decent customer service, we want to see what our other options are for internet. We have Directv and would like to keep that, plus we are on a contract with them that last until next year some...
  2. rwethereyet

    Cleveland Pears disease?

    We have a bunch of cleveland pear trees that are about 5 years old and normally very hearty. This year though it seems like they are dying. The leaves are turning brown and falling off and they look bad. No signs of any bugs them, so not sure if they got some kind of disease. We have some in...
  3. rwethereyet

    Jury Duty in Greenbelt

    I received my notification that I am on call for Jury Duty in the District Court in Greenbelt during July. It's only 4 days that I have to call in and see if I am to report the next day. Curious, if anyone else has gone through this for the Greenbelt location, and how many times was your...
  4. rwethereyet

    Gridiron Grill

    Thinking about going there for the first time, for lunch today. Past recommendations on here have been that the food is good. Checking to see if anyone has gone recently and if it is still a good place to try? TIA!!
  5. rwethereyet

    Bassett Hound smells

    My basset hound stinks. I know hounds normally stink but he is awful. I took him to the groomers and he was stinking again by the next day. I think I remember someone saying one time hounds need to have "stink" glands cleared out. That does sound right? And if so, is it something the...
  6. rwethereyet

    Can't get on

    I can't get on, it looks like the page is down. I can access the forums typing in the address directly for the forums. This has been about a week that I haven't been able to get on, but no one else has said anything on here, so am I the only one that can't access it?
  7. rwethereyet

    Wireless Connection Problems

    We have DSL and wireless hook-up at our house. We used to be able to turn the computer on and be able to go right to the internet, but all of a sudden, it started making us use the password to access the internet. And we used to be able to take the laptop on travel with us and use wireless if...
  8. rwethereyet

    Recess in Elementary Schools

    I was wondering what the amount of time the different Elementary Schools have for recess. Evergreen has 15 mins. I can't remember what it was way back when I was in school, but that sounds kind of short to me. By the time the kids get out there, it's time to come back in. What are other...
  9. rwethereyet

    Accident involving Horse and Buggy

    Vehicle and Horse & Buggy Accident - Southern Maryland News, Charles County, Calvert County and St. Mary's County News I hate to hear about accidents like this.
  10. rwethereyet

    Evergreen Elementary Parents

    Anyone on here pick their kids up from Evergreen Elementary School?
  11. rwethereyet

    Removing Acrylic Nails

    I've heard to soak them in acetone to let them "dissolve" away. I know this will take a LONG time and am willing to do that. Do I just use Acetone Nail Polish to soak my hands in or is there a pure acetone that I use? Or does anyone know of another product I can use to help remove them...
  12. rwethereyet

    First Day of Kindergarten

    Parents - did any of you go to school with your child on their first day of Kindergarten?
  13. rwethereyet

    Putting in a bid on land

    If I want to put a bid in on some land that is for sale, how much do real estate agents normally charge for placing the bid?
  14. rwethereyet

    Alias 2 Cellphone

    Anyone have one? Reviews look pretty good. Checking for anyone else's thoughts before I committed.
  15. rwethereyet

    Matriarch of Bell Family has died...

    Mary Catherine Sterling Bell died today. Home | Brinsfield-Echols Funeral Homes
  16. rwethereyet


    My computer keeps shutting down on it's own. It's not the battery, I have it plugged in. I ran AVG, had some viruses and the computer shut down before it finished. I tried to run Malware and it picked up some stuff, but again, shut down before it finished the scan. I was able to open the...
  17. rwethereyet

    Medivac - St. Mary's

    Anyone know why the medivac keeps flying over the Wildewood area? Seems like it's been flying around for close to half an hour.
  18. rwethereyet

    Walmart Greeter

    So after landing my new job as a Wal-Mart greeter, a good find for many retirees, I lasted less than a day...... About two hours into my first day on the job a very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into the store with her two kids, Yelling obscenities at them all the way...
  19. rwethereyet


    Looks like it closed up. Never had a decent meal in there anyway, but I did enjoy going to the bar there. Wonder if someone else will take it and do something with the building now.
  20. rwethereyet

    Hips - ugh!

    Is there an exercise that will help remove "blubber" from hips? That seems to be a bad place for me that I am having a hard time getting rid of.