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    Phase I, reopening ?

    Charles County commissioners will meet and announce at 4:15 today (Thursday) their decision on whether to go along with, or postpone, the Governor's Phase-1 reopening of businesses and gatherings. The meeting will be shown on Cable channel #10 or #95, and on the commissioners website.
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    Census takers wanted: $26.50 /hour, work near home

    U.S. Census takers are apparently still needed, but act fast while the 4-day training classes are still offered. You knock on doors of people who have not returned their mail questionnaires. Hours are flexible, and work is close to home. Seems odd that...
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    Amusing post on Craigslist - PAX River

    Anyone know her? The map pinpoints her at NAS Pax River
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    in Hollywood - the Victorian Candle bed and breakfast ?

    Has anyone heard of this lodging in Hollywood, Md? Someone on another discussion website linked below, wants to stay there. The post below, includes a brand-new, short informational video on it, done for a TV program. Supposedly it was planned and built by an African couple, using...
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    Election upset, town of La Plata

    On May 2, voters in La Plata elected a new (woman) Mayor, and 4 new Councilmen/women. Their background and platform are described here The candidates defeated all 4 previous male council members who had served with, and been supported by, elderly Mayor Roy Hale...
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    any opinions - auto repair shops near Pax River?

    A friend of mine wants advice / recommendations of good, or bad, auto repair shops, within 10 miles of Pax River. Thanks.
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    advice for company moving Japanese staff to NAS Pax

    Again, as a courtesy, I am copying an inquiry from another forum. As you see, a corporate rep. wants advice on relocating a number of their Japanese staff to work at NAS Pax River. (He...
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    Charles County schools, inadequate for special-needs student

    Here is a carefully thought-out post from a mother, copied from another forum website. She is lamenting how Charles County public schools have no provision for her special-needs child. (I believe the CCPS' Robert Stethem special education center, may have recently closed-down)...
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    St. Mary's ranks #2 in heroin overdose deaths

    St. Mary's County has the 2nd highest NUMBER (not rate) of heroin overdoses in the State, despite St. Mary's ranking only #11 in population size. St. Mary's 2nd highest in state in heroin overdose deaths - Southern Maryland News Maryland Population
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    almost all Shrimp, is now un-inspected

    Due to the Federal shut-down, 90% of our imported Shrimp, 50% of imported Fruit, and 20% of imported Veg's are now un-inspected. Way to go, America! Click below:
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    more parking needed at CSM, LaPlata

    Anyone know if there any plans to add more student parking spaces at CSM LaPlata? All the lots seem constantly filled to capacity, except for the farthest lot behind the theater building.
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    MD's new gerrymandered Congressional districts

    Okay, Marylanders, here is the RIDICULOUS new map of MD's Congressional districts that you all approved by a wide margin in yesterday's election. One district stretches clear from Crisfield (lower eastern shore) to...
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    How to reduce collisions with deer

    Is this lady serious ? Please Move The Deer Crossing - YouTube
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    Delmarva marshlands threatened by furry "nutria"
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    hourly-rate motels in Southern MD ?

    Does anyone know of any hourly-rate motels in Southern MD ? I am asking this not for myself, but on behalf of a stranger who has posted that question on Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals - TripAdvisor . Serious replies, only. Thank you.
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    Cafe' des Artistes, wins awards

    I notice that Cafe' des Artistes won praises in the April issue of "Maryland Life" magazine. They were named one of the top seven in the State in the categories of "finest restaurant" "finest dining" "finest appetizer" "finest dessert" The seven "finest historic downtowns" in the State...
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    Panera Cafe coming to LaPlata

    I just e-mailed the Panera Company. They say their new Cafe' and bakery in LaPlata (on 301 north) may open as soon as late July. (Don't know if that takes into account any snow delays). :yahoo:
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    Calvert Cliffs homes threatened by erosion

    Homes in CRE overlooking Calvert Cliffs are badly threatened by encroaching erosion of the cliffs --- but authorities want to let the erosion continue, in order to save the habitat of a rare beetle, says this article today:
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    young disabled amputee wrestler of Charlotte Hall

    You have to really admire the 11-year old boy in this story: - nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines news If this link doesn't work, then go to - nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines and search the...
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    any golfing communities in Calvert/AA Co's ?

    A family has posted on Forum: Relocation, Moving, Local City Discussions saying they are moving to MD next summer to take a job in Upper Marlboro. They have noticed the new development Welcome to BeechTree. A Planned Community of over 1,200 acres in Upper Marlboro, but since the...