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    FS 2020

    I used to enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulators, but then I switched to Macs. The new FS 2020 comes out August 18. Any opinions as to whether it will perform to full capabilities on the newest Xbox? I currently own PS4, but will add the Xbox if necessary to run FS2020. Thanks for your thoughts...
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    Rescreening porch?

    Hi folks, our screened in porch is ready to be rescreened. Long Fence, the builders many years ago, came out and gave us an outrageous estimate. Does anyone know of local companies that might come out and give us an estimate? Thanks, Jim
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    Nhl 2017-18

    It's on. Or about to be. I will thoroughly enjoy the Caps' regular season. Looking forward to seeing the new guys, but will surely miss Alzner. Wonder if this thread can sustain itself without everyone calling everyone names or bashing each others' politics...
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    Watching the Triple D show on hamburger joints last night, I became hungry for a good diner/dive hamburger. Are there any places in SOMD you'd recommend? Not interested in chains or fast food - and I certainly don't want to receive a napkin message from some Red Robin lady - I'm just looking for...
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    Wilson Ramos...

    ...done for the postseason. What a shame; he was having a great year. Can't Ryan Zimmerman make a throw anymore without it sailing?
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    Kitchen remodeling

    We're ready to do a complete kitchen remodeling. Any suggestions on good, reliable contractors that would come and give us an estimate, and ultimately, do the job? We're in Charlotte Hall. Thanks.
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    Guitarists: Catalinbread Echorec

    I was just wondering if any guitarists on here have any experience with the Echorec. I've seen some videos and it sounds interesting. Thanks for your opinions. I can't seem to ever have enough pedals or other toys. Jim
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    While visiting England, George W. Bush is invited to tea with the Queen. He asks her what her leadership philosophy is. She says that it is to surround herself with intelligent people. He asks how she knows if they're intelligent. "I do so by asking them the right questions," says the Queen...
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    dryer repair

    My daughter's dryer has stopped working. I've taken it apart, but can find no obvious problem. It heats but doesn't turn. Can anyone recommend a reliable service company? She's in LaPlata. Thanks
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    Great game, but more relevant….Who the hell names their kid Ha Ha?
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    Any suggestions for a good local exterminator? I could do the Terminix or Orkin folks, but I'd rather do a small local company if there're good ones around. Charlotte Hall area. Thanks
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    NHL is back!

    I know it's sacriligeous to not be talking Redskins, but this is a good thing.
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    More lost hockey

    Well, all NHL games through 12/14, plus all star weekend cancelled. They're going to kill the game. I know I'll watch again when they return, but doubt I'll spend money to go to games. Just lost my great seats for the 12/5 game against the Rangers.
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    Does anyone have the name of a plumber they can recommend for some minor work around the house? Charlotte Hall area. Thanks, Jim
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    Rhetorical question

    Since the experts said gas prices would rise this week due to potential damage to the Gulf rigs, and since apparently those rigs weren't damaged, when will the prices drop that 13 cents they rose since Monday?
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    Damn. That loss right there could affect the Caps next game too. What a crushing loss. 6.6 seconds from a 3-2 series lead. So pissed right now.
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    Roofing companies

    Has anyone done business with Boone's Roofing? Any opinions? Thanks, Jim
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    Wireless printer question

    Hi, I'm planning on getting a wireless printer to use with my MacBook, but I must also be able to use it with my desktop PC, which is not wireless compatible. Is this possible and maybe as simple as just connecting a wire to the PC to allow printing, while also using it wirelessly with the...
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    AC replacement suggestions

    Okay, After 27 years, it would appear that one of my AC compressors/air handlers is toast. Does anyone have a suggestion on a reliable company that could replace the unit? We'll probably get both units (upstairs and downstairs) replaced at the same time since they're both the same age. Looks...
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    Weber Gas Grills

    I'm ready for a new gas grill. We've gone through a few Kenmores, and I'm ready to upgrade. I like the Webers, but they seem pricey. Any opinions? What makes them so costly? Are they that good? Feel free to offer opinions on other brands too. Thanks for the info and opinions. Jim