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    Dang, Sadie Lady

    We do apologize for anything we may have said against you.:faint: Seems you were more important to Holly Point than anyone even imagined!:nomoney:
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    Goodbye to One and All!

    We can't say it hasn't been real but it's time to go to greener pastures. :howdy: To everyone else, enjoy Shady's company and don't say we didn't warn you. :whistle: We've decided to stop posting because we can't keep falling in the gutter to speak with Shady and, obviously, she'll never get...
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    Shady -- What Happened?!!

    5th and 6th in 5 and under?!!!!! :lmao: My goodness, didn't you ride while you were in Florida -- what a mess! :jameo: Maybe you'll do better as the day goes on! :howdy: :whistle: We'll keep everyone posted! :killingme
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    Take Time to Vote!

    :patriot: I beat the crowd and I feel great. :cartwheel :patriot:
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    Too Many MPD's

    OMG one of my other MPD's just signed karma for me, what do I do? :jameo: Where's HappyAppy when you need her? :lmao:
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    Just an Observation

    Now I may be wrong and please feel free to correct me if I am (as though anyone would hesitate). :lmao: But aren't we seeing a bit of SPAM in threads purporting to be inquiries and then two or three people who (from past threads) apparently know each other but pretend they don't and then begin...
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    Yoo hoo, Too Hot 4U is the forum Too Hot 4U?

    I was really enjoying the volleying and Poof she's gone. Will she be back? :whistle:
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    Proper Etiquette for Joining Threads

    Since I'm new here I don't want to be too pushy, so I have a question. I notice that many of you appear to know each other either personally or through the forum as long time members. Is it proper for a new person to just jump into any thread or should the new people stay out of the ones that...
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    Hi, I'm New Here

    Just up from Georgia and staying with some friends until I find a job and a place to stay. Just a little lonely so thought I would come in to talk to some of you guys for awhile. Okay?