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  1. NextJen

    How's everybody doing?

    RV stayed high and dry - was worried there might be a high tide coupled with a possible storm surge. Glad that never materialized there. At home (Calvert), had the usual stream run through the backyard during the sustained rainy period, but nothing came inside and luckily no wind or tree damage.
  2. NextJen

    If 2020 was a candy

    What would it be? I'll start...... Whatchamacallit
  3. NextJen

    Name Three Things

    -Pack truck full of stuff to take to RV -Re-stock new RV with stuff that was packed in truck -Drink
  4. NextJen

    Happy Happy Birthday FF!

    :bday: Happy birthday, FF! Hope you enjoy your day! :buddies:
  5. NextJen

    Happy Birfday Duponster!

    :bdaycake: Happy birthday! :cheers:
  6. NextJen

    Kente Cloth

    And yet, President Trump holding a Bible was a 'photo op' :rolleyes:
  7. NextJen

    Proud member of the 15 percent

    10 - 15% are not very good people? Funny, I thought there were more Democrat-Progressive-Socialists than that.
  8. NextJen

    If Trump wins reelection, then what?

    Correct....along with capitulating to foreign countries, getting back into 'climate change' agreements, terrible trade agreements, etc., etc.
  9. NextJen

    If Trump wins reelection, then what?

    I'm not sure this country can survive if Donald Trump wins.....or loses.
  10. NextJen

    Fake Photo Circulated Of ‘Dark’ White House Is Actually From 2015

    Does this also mean that President Trump is not a bunker-bit** after all?
  11. NextJen

    Happy Birthday Gilligan

    :bdaycake: Happy birthday! :cheers: <--- A Corona Premier in your honor
  12. NextJen

    Michael Moore Orders Rioters To Demolish Police HQ, Pushes Kaepernick Call For ‘Revolt’

    Aren't you supposed to get in trouble for inciting a riot?
  13. NextJen

    The babies

    Name suggestions: Missy and Sissy Claire and Bell April and May Lucy and Ethel Peaches and Creme Tigger and Eeyore Dipsy and Pixie
  14. NextJen

    Does anyone happen to know

    Do a shot (or two), keep your distance, and wear the mask so you can hide what you are mouthing about your relatives. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers today. Chin up. :huggy:
  15. NextJen

    Out of all the closings

  16. NextJen

    Permanente Closings Begin

    This makes me think about a couple things. What about getting coffee at 7-11 or Wawa? Lots of folks touching those coffee containers and all over the coffee stations. How will casinos open up and operate, what with people moving from machine to machine? How do you clean between each patron?
  17. NextJen

    Stimulus Checks

    I wonder if I will qualify for a Murder Hornet stimulus check?
  18. NextJen

    Happy Birthday Bann

    :bdaycake: Happy birthday!! :cheers:
  19. NextJen

    Happy Birthday my-thyme

    :bdaycake: Happy birthday! :cheers: