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  1. NextJen

    If 2020 was a candy

    What would it be? I'll start...... Whatchamacallit
  2. NextJen

    2020 Hummingbird Thread

    Just saw the first little guy at my feeder yesterday evening (April 19). According to some of my FB memories that have popped up over the last week, he is a few days later than usual - but glad to see him.
  3. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Airgasm!

    Enjoy your day! :bdaycake::cheers:
  4. NextJen

    International Whisk(e)y Day - March 27

    Enjoy responsibly! And because of social distancing, it's ok to drink alone today. Just think of me virtually enjoying some Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select with you. Cheers!
  5. NextJen

    Happy 1st Day of Spring!

    And tomorrow will feel more like Summer! Hope you all enjoy and stay healthy! :bann:🌷
  6. NextJen

    What is on your quarantine playlist?

    I'll start..... Don't stand so close to me ~ The Police Keep your hands to yourself ~ The Georgia Satellites
  7. NextJen

    Pool to Pond

    I have a large, in-ground, gunnite pool that I haven't uncovered and used in about 4 years. I'm sure if I pull the cover off it is already a pond. However, I was toying with the thought of actually converting it to a real pond. Has anyone ever done this to their in-ground pool? If so, did you...
  8. NextJen

    FFL Dealers in Calvert County?

    I need to transfer some firearms in regard to an estate that I am handling. Does anyone know of a place in Calvert (preferably) that may be able to handle this? Any idea if there is a charge per firearm? I assume there is.
  9. NextJen

    Happy birthday, StadEMS3!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy your day! :cheers:
  10. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Bonehead!

    Hope it's a great day! :cheers:
  11. NextJen

    Seeking recommendations for a trusted auto mechanic shop

    I have a full size, diesel pickup that has mostly sat for the past year. It needs some TLC and I need to get it inspected. Anybody you might recommend whom you trust that is not a ripoff? I'm in Northern Calvert but could travel outside of that area for good, trusted service. Thanks in advance.
  12. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Pete!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy your day! :cheers:
  13. NextJen

    Am I the only one not obsessed over the Popeye's Chicken Sandwich?

    Good grief, someone was stabbed to death over an altercation about cutting in line for a chicken sandwich.
  14. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Baja28!

    :bdaycake: :love:
  15. NextJen

    Happy birthday, Toxick!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy your day! :cheers:
  16. NextJen

    Happy birthday, RareBreed!

    Sorry I almost missed it! Hope you had a great day. :bdaycake:
  17. NextJen

    Happy birthday, ginwoman!

    :bdaycake: Enjoy your day! :cheers:
  18. NextJen

    Be careful who you find online

  19. NextJen

    National Banana Split Day - Aug. 25

    Celebrate accordingly!
  20. NextJen

    Happy birthday, itsbob!

    :bdaycake: Hope you have a great day! :cheers: