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  1. stgislander

    Let the speculation begin.

    Erik better step up his game quick.
  2. stgislander

    No Fall/Winter High School Sports

    This just in. :frown:
  3. stgislander

    Canning Supplies

    My wife has been to her usual haunts in SMC looking for canning supplies. She's been looking for jars, lids, and rings especially wide mouths. No luck. She can get lids and rings online if she can't find them locally. For some reason her regular online suppliers will not ship jars though...
  4. stgislander

    National Strike

    So who's taking the day off?
  5. stgislander

    A new racing serices from Stewart & Evernham
  6. stgislander

    It couldn't come at a better time.

    I know a co-worker who will be very happy.
  7. stgislander

    #BLM hits CW's The Flash

    Note to celebrities: Scrub all of your social media going all the way back to the invention of the World Wide Web.
  8. stgislander

    Bryan Adams and COVID-19

    Poor Bryan. He is a pretty left of center guy, but even own are turning on him after speaking his mind. (Better known as a xenophobic rant.)
  9. stgislander

    A big FU to Larry???
  10. stgislander

    Final iRace Saturday at North Wilkesboro.

    Okay, I'll watch this for the novelty of it considering probably only one current iRacing driver (Bobby Labonte) has ever driven there.
  11. stgislander

    New Frigate Contract

    Okay Navy... don't screw this one up.
  12. stgislander

    COVID Outbreak on Destroyer in Carribean

    It doesn't say how long they've been at sea, but I'm thinking they had to make a port call somewhere to get infected.
  13. stgislander

    SMC COVID-19 Numbers

    I was looking at the MD DOH corona virus website. I noticed that the number of confirmed cases today in SMC is 119. If you then look at their County breakdown by zip code, the total is only 84. The SMC Health Dept website has a different set of numbers. They are saying 132 confirmed cases...
  14. stgislander

    Wanted: COBOL Programmers

    For those of us who got started in technology in the late 70s and early 80s. Unfortunately, COBOL was the one language I didn't study in school.
  15. stgislander

    Timmy Hill!

    Did everyone catch Timmy Hill win the iRace at Texas Motor Speedway yesterday? Not too bad for having $250 dollar rig. My wife and I are actually enjoying these virtual races. 1-1/2 to 2 hours and the race is over.
  16. stgislander

    97.7 The Bay

    Okay 97.7, are you going to broadcast the 11:00 am Governor's update or not? You cut in and out twice.
  17. stgislander

    Technology in the era of COVID-19

    I am thankful that with technology today, I was able to use both Google Hangouts and a remote access program to install and troubleshoot new software on a vessel in Taiwan from the comfort and safety of my office desktop. After two hours online, they are now able to go to sea tomorrow for...
  18. stgislander

    Heavy Traffic???

    Has anyone else noticed the Forum getting ridiculously slow over the past 5-10 minutes?
  19. stgislander

    Church Closures Coming.

    The Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Washington has closed all church facilities for the next two weeks.
  20. stgislander

    Miami-Homestead Postponed (?)

    CV strikes the Miami-Homestead race.