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  1. Cheeky1

    Hey guys...

    Ever pee so fast that your body began to be affected by the following equation? vf = vi + vrel * ln(Mi/Mf) Just wondering if this happens to anybody else...
  2. Cheeky1

    Teachers CQC Training

    Teachers train to face school shooter - ----------------------------------------------- I saw this on CNN today and I am interested in reading all your thoughts. I read a bunch of the comments below the article. Some are ridiculous, but some are thought provoking/insightful...
  3. Cheeky1

    I found these articles interesting. . .

    NASA - Opposite Behaviors? Arctic Sea Ice Shrinks, Antarctic Grows New Theory for Why Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing I found the science behind this theory interesting. What do you guys think?
  4. Cheeky1

    Sleep Apnea

    Good day all, I am looking for a sleep center to be tested for sleep apnea. Do you all know of any in the somd area or will I need to head up the road? Cheers!
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    Cat science. . .

    I found this cool. RtWbpyjJqrU&
  6. Cheeky1

    Walk or Run?

    For all you math-inept people, forward to the 1:35 mark. 3MqYE2UuN24&
  7. Cheeky1

    A noisy guest...

    All, I want to be able to kill a possum. I have a firearm that is more than capable of the 'killing' part, but I don't wish waste the ammo, or wake up the kids do the subsequent noise created by the firearm (the possum usually comes late in the evening). Does a high-powered BB/pellet gun...
  8. Cheeky1

    An update would be great!

    I am curious on how the Zimmerman case panned out (assuming that it has). All of the threads, pertaining to the case, have seemed to have slid into 4th page fora oblivion. So, any updates? Thanks!
  9. Cheeky1

    An observation...

    A clean bathroom sink will become dirty within an hour. A dirty sink will gain no more additional, observable dirtiness almost indefinitely. :buddies:
  10. Cheeky1

    2067 years

    I saw this today and thought is was worthy of a post on here.
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    Music while you sleep?

    Greetings all. I am curious as to how many of you listen to music while you sleep. Also, of the people that do sleep at night with music playing, have you and/or do you utilize a pillow speaker? Thanks!
  12. Cheeky1

    Levi jeans replacement...

    I entered the blue jeans market, buying for myself, only about 8 years ago. I've noticed the quality of Levi jeans diminish greatly. Which is too bad, because I like their fit. Now, within one year of light wear, my "new" jeans have worn holes in the knee portion. After reading many...
  13. Cheeky1

    Good stuff

    Fighters in L.A. for BJJ tournament stop a robbery at hotel - Cagewriter - UFC#Blog - Yahoo! Sports It takes courage to stand for what is right and to stand up against what is wrong. Good on these guys.
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    This is the first time I've heard her speak..... xvz8tg4MVpA&NR=1
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    Hi all. I was looking over the calendar and realized Dean & Cory's swing dances are not there anymore. They were located the Little Flower school on Rt.5. Does anyone know if they are still occuring, but just aren't on the calendar? Thanks! ~CO
  16. Cheeky1

    Park Hall

    I saw a state police helocopter hovering over the Green Door. Stayed for about a minute then took to the north. Anyone know what was going on? ...manhunt in progress?
  17. Cheeky1

    Gate 2

    Anyone know what happened at the intersection of Gate 2, yesterday, around 4:40 pm. I saw emergency vehicles, nothing else.
  18. Cheeky1

    research vs. opinion

    I read this article today. The writer states he wrote it during 2009. I'd like to read some other folks views/opinions regarding it. Thanks.
  19. Cheeky1

    Clear title?

    I've recently payed off my vehicle. Is visiting the MVA to file for a "clear title" required by law? I don't plan on selling the vehicle any time soon. Is anything to be gained? Thanks!
  20. Cheeky1

    Last night - Willow's Rd

    I was driving on Willow's Rd toward Rt. 5 last night. There was a car laying on its side (passenger). There was a bunch of teenagers (college kids?) standing around. I don't recall seeing any ambulances nearby. I hope all were ok. Anyone have any info about what happened?