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  1. belvak


    I sincerely hope not!! And, if they do decide to engage in "playground activity," I hope they keep it short and that we get paid for our forced time out!! I really like my pay check. It helps pay bills! And, I really don't want to have to cart 4 plants home in cold weather. Last furlough, I...
  2. belvak

    Happy Birthday, BelvaK

    Thanks Vrai and Frequentflier!! We had a wonderful weekend. Wish it didn't have to end. And, wish we could have been in MB with you and Monello, Vrai!!!
  3. belvak

    Happy birthday, belvak!

    Thanks guys!! I don't get in here very often anymore, but I appreciate the birthday wishes!! What's not to appreciate when you have a great husband, good friends, are camping for the weekend, and got to eat at Chief's twice in the same day!!
  4. belvak

    Greetings from Myrtle Beach II

    Wish we still had the "Like" button!! And, you went down a week or two too early, so we won't see you. :frown:
  5. belvak

    The History of Dyson’s SpongeBob in St. Mary’s County

    I've often wondered how SpongeBob came to be living in SMD! Thanks for the story!
  6. belvak

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I saw the one about St. Mary's Landing this morning on Facebook. How did you discover they were both hoaxes?
  7. belvak

    Thank You

    GWguy, so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mom. My condolences to you and your family. :huggy:
  8. belvak

    Happy Birthday Misfit!!!

    :party: Happy Birthday! :party:
  9. belvak

    Happy anniversary, Monello!

    Happy Vagabond Anniversary!
  10. belvak

    howdy kids. Im back.

    Glad to hear all is well! You will love the grandbaby! It's so fun to be able to love them and spoil them, then give them back to the Mom & Dad! Your mid-life crisis is nice! You still in the Crofton area? My daughter is still off of 424.
  11. belvak

    howdy kids. Im back.

    :howdy: Welcome back!! Hope Pan Lady and Skillet Girl are doing well too!
  12. belvak

    6 generations in 1 family

    My Grandmother turned 99 in March. I have two pictures of her with 5 generations: my Dad, me, my daughter, and my grandson. And my dad, me, missing my son because he couldn't get off work :frown:, and my granddaughter. The second picture will be 5 generations after I get my daughter to Photoshop...
  13. belvak

    Should you save for or spend your retirement?

    February 23, 2051. Guess I won't start holding my breath just yet.
  14. belvak

    Happy Pi day!

  15. belvak

    Greetings from Citra!

    Maybe the juice of the Pineapple Orange is good with vodka? Maybe a splash of Sprite Zero? :drool:
  16. belvak

    Got Heart Transplant?

    B23, wishing you the best and hoping all goes well for you. Will be watching for updates.
  17. belvak

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    I know I've seen something on here, but couldn't locate it for the life of me. What is the new construction at the corner of Gallant Green Road going to be? I think I remember hearing Burch Mart, but can't find anything on it. It's going up quick though!
  18. belvak

    Greetings from Sarasota!

    I'm having a great time following you guys here and on Facebook! Maybe some day Hubby and I can follow in your foot steps! Keep the updates and pictures coming!!!
  19. belvak

    Happy birthday BadGirl!

    Missed this yesterday, so Happy Belated BadGirl!! :flowers: