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  1. stgislander

    AntiFA Melt Down Over Tee Shirts

    I may have to buy a tee shirt Teespring.
  2. stgislander

    who won, who lost, who cares

    We don't watch any of the renovation shows after Fixer Upper went off the air. My wife though has recently gotten into Homestead Rescue with the Raney family.
  3. stgislander

    everybody gets a sign (trophy)!!!! Yippeeeee

    Our Employee of the Month parking spot is next to the dumpster.
  4. stgislander

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Thanks everybody.
  5. stgislander

    New Businesses Coming to Southern Maryland

    Can anybody tell me of Trossbach still has peaches? Mom up in Western MD is looking for some. The peach trees in Allegany and Bedford Counties got hit with a late frost. She thinks the orchards in nearby Romney, WV may have peaches starting this week but is not sure.
  6. stgislander

    This made me laugh out loud

    East Coast Sturgis is this weekend up in Little Orleans, MD. I'm sure the local newspaper will have someone covering it. Folks in Annapolis were trying to shut it down, but it's on private property so no permits required. The county was saying there was nothing they could do about it.
  7. stgislander

    A Stay-at-Home Mom on Her Reasons for Leaving Portland

    I'm tied to Gilligan, and therefore MD, at the hip. When we turn off the lights in the office for the last time, SoMD will quickly be in my rear view mirror. MD not much farther behind if I have my way.
  8. stgislander

    It's so humid

    My wife keeps asking if it's hot outside. I said no, but the humidity is terrible.
  9. stgislander

    Emergency call of the day

    Hmmmm... problems. "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. "
  10. stgislander

    Let the speculation begin.

    Kinda hard to put the effort into the young drivers, when you've got Kyle, Denny, and now Martin vying for championships. Besides, the hot driver gets the best equipment.
  11. stgislander

    Let the speculation begin.

    Damn, he didn't even make it to the end of the regular season.
  12. stgislander

    How many pillows do you have on your sofa?

  13. stgislander

    How many pillows do you have on your sofa?

    We don't have a sofa.
  14. stgislander

    Mail in Balloting

    That was a movie ref? :lol:
  15. stgislander

    How do you tell if a fence is electric or not?

    South Park wasn't so far off it seems.
  16. stgislander

    ‘You got 2 seconds before I shoot

    There's a lot of crazy in those eyes.
  17. stgislander

    Seen along the road

    Does Christopher Reid from Kid 'n Play live in that neighborhood?
  18. stgislander

    Mail in Balloting

    I'll give you three guesses, and your first two don't count.