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  1. belvak

    Spring Flowers and a Bug

    My little "Bug" is growing up! Hard to believe she'll be two in June!
  2. belvak

    WWII aircraft to penetrate D.C. airspace

    WWII aircraft to penetrate D.C. airspace next month to mark war’s end The sensitive airspace over Washington is about to be penetrated by a huge flight of World War II-era airplanes brought together to honor veterans and mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the war in Europe in 1945...
  3. belvak

    Computer Dead?

    My laptop went boom. Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200. About two years old. When logged on this morning, all was well. I'm teleworking, so I logged onto my work virtual interface and had been working with no problems since about 6:20. When I logged in, I received a message from my Toshiba messenger...
  4. belvak

    Broken Gas Line - Calvert County

    EDIT: Two of us were posting this at the same time. See Just got an alert on my phone that there's a broken gas line at Calvert Village Shopping Center in Prince Frederick and the businesses are being evacuated. They are advising...
  5. belvak

    iPod help!!

    A while back, I had to get a new computer because the old one died. I decided today to see if I could get all of the songs on my iPod transferred onto the new computer. I have hit a brick wall. The iPod states that it is connected and should be ejected before disconnecting. BUT, it is not...
  6. belvak

    Happy 65th John Belushi

    UPDATE: I went to the link earlier and viewed the clip. Now it isn't loading. Maybe high traffic? Anyway, it really was an eerie clip about how he was the last of the SNL group remaining. Yikes! On what would have been John Belushi's 65th birthday, an eerie clip has been released...
  7. belvak

    Video Editing Software

    Didn't take the time to search to see if this has been covered, so I apologize in advance if it already has. Now that the Granddaughter is here, we're taking videos with our phones. Mine saves all videos as MP4 files. I don't have anything on my computer that will let me edit and save as any...
  8. belvak

    Steak in a Sack in Charlotte Hall!?

    Saw a sign yesterday morning for Steak in a Sack coming soon to the old 7-11 at the corner of Golden Beach Road and Rt. 5. Anyone have the inside scoop? Same folks who run the one in Marlow Heights?
  9. belvak

    Drinking while flying...

    I prefer to drive wherever I want to go, but thought this was a neat idea!!! Take Alcohol to Drink on Your Flight
  10. belvak

    Happy Birthday Pete!!!!

    :buddies::party: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETE!!! :party::buddies:
  11. belvak

    What's for lunch today??

    We're having a potluck lunch here in my office today and I was asked (aka "voluntold") to bring meatballs. I also made the mistake of asking if anyone would like to try venison sloppy joes. So, here I sit at 8:30 in the morning with two crock pots emitting wonderful aromas right beside me...
  12. belvak

    Motorcycle Accident Golden Beach

    Happened at Huntt Road and Golden Beach Road 10/25. Anyone know anything more than what's in the SMNewsnet article? Was hoping to hear some news on the rider. Serious Motorcycle Collision in Golden Beach | Southern Maryland News Net
  13. belvak

    What?? No Christening Thread??

    Can't believe Vrai didn't jump on this one! :lol: Proud parents show off Prince George at royal christening
  14. belvak

    Nobody loves me...

    :sigh: First year...
  15. belvak

    Dear Mother Nature...

    Would you PLEASE bake up a hurricane!! A really, really, good one????? Hubby watches The Weather Channel every evening when we get home. I'm sooooooooo tired of them re-hashing every hurricane from 30 years ago up to "Sandy" every single day! If they don't get a new, really big hurricane to talk...
  16. belvak

    So, whatcha doin' this weekend??

    If you're in the Chaptico area, the SOMD BMX is having the state qualifying races this Sunday (8/25) at Chaptico Park! They will have vendors there as well. There are racers from little guys and girls all the way up to grown up little guys and gals! It's looking like a wonderful day...
  17. belvak

    Iams Pet Food Recall

    Iams food recall affects dog, cat food nationwide. Eukanuba, too. Iams food recall includes several lots of dry pet food sold to US retailers. Eukanuba dog food is also included in the Iams food recall. Iams food recall affects dog, cat food nationwide. Eukanuba, too. -
  18. belvak

    Spotted on my drive home...

  19. belvak

    Charles County Humane Society...

    Charles County Humane Society TODAY ONLY, all dogs $17!! My friend is "fostering to adopt" an absolutely beautiful female black german shepherd! Her brother is still at the humane society and he needs a good home! His name is Samson. I know there are some GSD lovers here!!! This is his...
  20. belvak

    Dear Mother Nature...

    Could you please turn off the water for a while?? Just a few days??? I swear I'm getting pruny just from seeing it every day!!! Hubby got home, jumped in the shower, then walked out here on the porch and said, "what's that noise?" Of course, he was being facetious because, once again, it's...