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  1. RoseRed

    Pajamas, Bathrobes, and Slippers

    Cousin Eddie.
  2. RoseRed

    Masks make people crazy

    I just laughed. I guess there was no one behind me and he hates his life and job. He's at work and I'm traveling. 😂
  3. RoseRed

    Masks make people crazy

    Not exactly masks, but an older TSA Nazi this morning. I was behind an older couple at the X-Ray and he waves them through wearing their sneakers. Then tells me to take off my shoes ( flip flops). So I asked why they didn't have to take theirs off. He gets all snarky and says, because they...
  4. RoseRed

    PITA Morning.

    A Road Alligator.
  5. RoseRed

    Deutschle bank complies with subpoena and releases Trumps financial records

    And there it is, you will never spawn. Good thing!
  6. RoseRed

    Most unimportant news story of the day

    Did someone say something?
  7. RoseRed

    Most unimportant news story of the day

    :whistle: .
  8. RoseRed

    Another one outed

    It was probably his porn site.
  9. RoseRed

    Netflix (or Amazon Prime) and chill

    Not Netflix, but I'm Roku. Just finishing up Spun. OMG! 😂
  10. RoseRed

    Death, grief and social media

    I agree with her about waiting until the family has been notified. Had my daughter been home (she was still at school), she would have found out via Facebook that her father had unexpectedly died. I didn't even know until I received a strange phone call. I didn't log onto FB until HOURS later...
  11. RoseRed

    NYC woman stabbed in midday attack in subway station, video shows

    It's probably because he wasn't wearing a mask.
  12. RoseRed

    PITA Morning.

    You should take a nap.
  13. RoseRed

    Teen Vogue

    More from Teen Vogue...
  14. RoseRed

    Obama Failure to Perform

    He must also be a minute man. Maybe that's why Michelle is depressed.
  15. RoseRed

    100 Person Brawl at California Hotel

  16. RoseRed

    Happy Seafood Place

    Wasn't there a Happy's hot dog place at 235/N. Sandgates?
  17. RoseRed

    Name Three Things

    Clean out the fridge Trash to transfer station Pack First 2 are already done.
  18. RoseRed

    Chrissy Teigen

    Is that being boycotted, too? I have some in my fridge. :lol:
  19. RoseRed

    Chrissy Teigen

    Oopsie! :lmao: