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  1. David

    power is already out in callaway

    Atta boy SMECO. So much for that multi million dollar reliability project. Their report outage app just gives an error. Wtf I am moving
  2. David

    Good to see that Dan Bilzerian is politically correct

  3. David

    Nice Bridge: Are Cash Toll Lanes open?

    Does anyone know if they opened up the toll booths for people who pay cash (No EZ Pass) ?
  4. David

    Nice Job Running that Red Light Bayside F. P. from Owings company truck

    This is how people get hurt or killed. I blacked out the timestamp since my camera was not set right. It was Tuesday, 19 May afternoon. I was on the way to Aldi in California, right across the road, and checked out at 4:06pm, according to my Aldi receipt.
  5. David

    St. Mary's Vet Recommendation

    Looks like Tommy the Kitty has conjunctivitis (one eye all red, pussy and swollen shut). Anyone have recommendations for a decent vet in this area that is not going to hand me a huge bill? Hate to sound crass, but, I've heard some horror stories about vet bills and its kinda hard to comparison...
  6. David

    What Was Wrong with The Maher-Crenshaw Interview; CNN Fake News attack on Elon Musk

    Viva Frei is a passionate lawyer and as such has a good ability to break down and dissect logical arguments. In this video he analyzes part of the Dan Crenshaw v. Bill Maher interview. In a nutshell, Maher relies on high-school-level tactics and emotional reinforcement from his audience to force...
  7. David

    Tales of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Cluster F'ery already emerging

    Shake Shack does a second take and says, on second thought, keep your $10M bruh. Kevin breaks it down nicely. Same reasons we declined to proceed with the program.
  8. David

    COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance Might Ruin Your Credit; Even though it is not supposed to

    In a nutshell, the CoronaVirus CARE package passed by congress says if Banks grant a mortgage forbearance, they must report the account to the credit bureaus as current. Well, some banks are reporting it as current, but adding a note that it is in forbearance and the credit bureaus are...
  9. David

    Worship in the age of COVID-19 Government Lockdowns

    Driving down Chancellor's Run Road around 1130 Sunday am and noticed the parking lot of the new church was full and there were about 4/four PoPo Ford Explorers with uniformed county PoPos standing around. My first thought was that there were going to take down the Living Hope church-goers who...
  10. David

    Another Dumbass Political Operative Shoots Himself in the foot on Facebook; Franchot's Chief of Staff

    This time Len Foxwell, Chief of Staff to Peter Franchot had this to say on Facebook: Looks like the post has been deleted, but alas I have the screen capture. (laughs like Muttley) Fear Not Len, Franchot stands behind you: (screen capture in case the post disappears) Some of the...
  11. David

    One Crazy Maryland Iranian: Homed Ghorounidelcheh

    Shoe? I do not need to throw a shoe at you. I will throw my car at you, INFIDELS! More here:
  12. David

    HORROR: You won't believe the psychological torture to which they subject these cats

    Oh, the horror! Then, even more yet! Then, finally this!
  13. David

    Teeny Kitten Found in the Trash Nurses on His Dad's Hand When He Sleeps

    Another amazing tale: This tiny kitten was found in a garbage can when he was only a few hours old and an entire family came together to save his life. You can keep up with Oscar and all of his adventures on Facebook: and Instagram:
  14. David

    New Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium available for download

    I guess Microsoft got so sick of their own shitty software, that they scrapped the old codebase and adopted the open source Chromium browser as the core code for their new Edge browser. Chromium is the core for many popular browser these days, including: Google Chrome Opera Vivaldi Brave In...
  15. David

    Herman the Pigeon Adopted a Teeny-Tiny Chihuahua

    When a tiny Chihuahua named Lundy came to the animal rescue where he lives, Herman the Pigeon took him under his wing. Now this pigeon who can't fly and Chihuahua who can't walk are the best of friends.
  16. David

    Why Loaded Questions are FAKE Questions - Trump & Acosta - Viva Frei Vlawg

    My favorite lawyer never fails to impress. I never considered many of the points he makes; I guess it is fake news after all :lol: Impartial and non-partisan, as usual.
  17. David

    Tiny, Scared Puppy Falls In Love With A 120-Pound Great Dane | The Dodo Little But Fierce

    Title says it all... Great video.
  18. David

    COVID-19 Maryland News Roundup for Tuesday, April 07

    UMD BUSINESS SCHOOL PROF: 'THE US ECONOMY IS IN A DEPRESSION' Bryan Renbaum of Maryland Reporter writes that the coronavirus has plunged the U.S. economy into a depression, according to Peter Morici, a one-time chief economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission who is now affiliated...
  19. David

    COVID-19: Don't worry small businesses, the Government is going to save you within 3 days...

    Congress came up with a lot of programs for just about any business --- from individuals working the Gig economy to sole proprietors to small companies to mega corporations --- to get funding to survive the business down turn (or turn off in many cases). One program promises a $10K advance...