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  1. Monello

    I just thought this was beautiful

    You are RV material. I don't just give that label to anyone. More often I'd say image so and so living in an RV.
  2. Monello

    Apparently St. Marys County Residents Are "Calling" For Forced Race-Related Educational Reforms

    Until educational indifference in certain minority communities is addressed, these initiatives won't amount to a hill of beans.
  3. Monello

    Apparently St. Marys County Residents Are "Calling" For Forced Race-Related Educational Reforms

    I didn't get the impression the OP is in favor of this.
  4. Monello

    NASCAR Go Bowling 235 NASCAR Race #24 Sunday 16 August 3PM @ Daytona Road Course

    Harvick Hamlin Ky Busch Keselowski Blaney
  5. Monello

    Macy's Says White Employee Attacked By Black Man Never Said the 'N-Word'

    Putting your hands on and violently punching someone should be mandatory jail time.
  6. Monello

    Off to college

    I never understood the whole getting weepy when your kid goes off on their adult life.
  7. Monello

    DNR New State Fishing Record Set for Sheepshead

    That's a beast.
  8. Monello

    Joe speaks

    Say her name!
  9. Monello

    Racism - Alive & Well in Calvert

    I'm sensing a lot of sexual tension in this thread.
  10. Monello

    Greetings from our summer detour

    Right now in Manhattan. Manhattan, KS. Drove secondary roads. Mostly fields, farms and a few small towns. Very little traffic. We are right across the street from KSU. Hit up Aggieville yesterday. Not many people in town. Normally they would be getting ready to move on on campus. Back...
  11. Monello

    This is a first

    Did she look like she played on the All Navy SB team?
  12. Monello

    Coming soon, to a neighborhood near you!

    More like show and tell.
  13. Monello

    Bad accident in Callaway

    1 trapped and 1 pinned. So in like the same thing.
  14. Monello

    Kamala Harris

    So much for picking an African American woman. Maybe next time.
  15. Monello

    Bill Gates whines Team Trump won't listen to him

    Bill stayed in a Holiday Inn a few times.
  16. Monello

    Where Were You a Month Ago, Jesse?

    barry & the mooch are pretty quiet when to comes to all things criminal and destructive coming from their old hood. But if Donald Trump takes 2 scoops of ice cream, watch this pair of grifters come at him from off the top rope.
  17. Monello

    Off to college

    Move in day if such a CF. I remember watching it unfold, thinking there has to be a better way. The school had to know and yet they apparently didn't stagger the move ins nor make any other adjustments to un**** the situation. I don't envy anyone involved in that evolution.
  18. Monello

    Place your bets

    Biden's dark horse VP pick.
  19. Monello

    Greetings from our summer detour

    The RV is in the shop getting a tune up and other assorted drive train items addressed. So we are 2 weeks car tripping. I still can't find a place that will change out our carpet for some other type of flooring. We've been looking to swap it out for a while now. Fingers crossed our leveler...